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Are Those Wedding Bands On Miley Cyrus' and Liam Hemsworth's Ring Fingers?

We're just as shocked as you are!

The Wrecking Ball singer and Hunger Games star are currently the subject of rumors of secretly tying the knot after spending a summery January holiday in Australia.



Miley and Liam were dining out at a casual restaurant in Byron Bay, New South Wafles with friends and family when photos snapped of them revealed something more: the engaged couple appeared to be wearing wedding bands on their fingers. 

Neither camp has confirmed nor denied the news about a secret wedding ceremony, but maybe we can do some investigating on our own with this nifty review of highlights from their 9-year long relationship. 

2009: A 17-year-old Miley and 19-year-old Liam meet on the set of the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' The Last Song. They hit it off, to say the least. This marks the beginning of a rollercoaster ride of a relationship. 



Throwing it WAY back... what a 'blur.' #TBT

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March 2010: The couple reveal their "officially together" status on the red carpet during the Oscars when they arrive as each other's dates. 

June 2010: The tension begins. Miley reveals that many of her songs are about Liam and about breaking free from whatever, or whoever, might be holding you back. 

August to November 2010: The young couple breaks up, gets back together, then breaks up for a second time. 

April 2011: They're officially back together, but are reportedly taking it slow—no labels; just enjoying each other's company and seeing where it goes from there. 



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June 2012: A year after taking it slow, the young couple gets engaged much to the delight of their adoring fans. A 3.5 carat diamond ring by Neil Lane now embraces Miley's ring finger.

March 2013: The already highly-publicized relationship suffers another blow as celebrity news writer Perez Hilton fuels rumors about the singer two-timing her beau with actor Ed Westwick. Her engagement ring goes MIA in many of her social media posts and media appearances, but eventually comes back on. Fans breathe a sigh of relief. 

September 2013: Miley and Liam officially call their engagement off. No one is certain whether it's just the engagement that's been put on hold, or their relationship, too. 



My little angel and I.

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November 2014: More than a year passes after a topsy-turvy relationship with Liam and Miley begins to date Patrick Schwarzenegger. 

April 2015: Miley and Patrick, once known as Piley, dissolve. 



January 2016: Rumors arise about Miley visiting Liam in Australia and ringing in the new year with him. The rumors evolve to announce that they are once again engaged. The rumors are proven true. 

July 2016: Miley posts a photo of herself with a different ring on her ring finger. Fans go wild and speculate if the engagement ring has turned into a wedding band. 



?????? pool daaaaaze

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April 2017: Miley and Liam's relationship is as stable as it's ever been. But Miley's dad, country signer Billy Ray
Cyrus, sparks rumors anew when he tweets a photo of his daughter wearing a lacy white dress. He captions the photo with I’m so happy… you are happy," sparking speculation that she secretly tied the knot with Liam. (The news was soon debunked). 

December 2017: The two make many interview and media apperances together and on their own, openly answering questions about why they broke up, and how they finally got to make it work. They confirm they are engaged, but have no plans of getting married just yet. They also cite the trappings of youth and ever-changing schedules as the main culprits of their relationship's past pitfalls, but have since learned to "re-fall" for each other by maturing and experiencing life on their own. 



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Phew! Are you still with us? This now brings us to the present! 

After a novel-worthy nine years together, Miley and Liam truly seem like they have it figured out when it comes to their feelings about each other. Miley flew in to spend New Year's Eve with fiancé Liam and his family in Byron Bay, a very special place for the couple. 



Happy birthday Jesus

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Going back to their most recent rumor-sparking photos from this time, no one can confirm if Miley and Liam can already call themselves husband and wife—unless you can provide us with theories of your own! For now, we're respecting their privacy and sitting at the edge of our seats until they finally release an official statement. 

At the end of it all, we're absolutely thrilled that the couple has finally found stability in each other. They're great examples of how distance and absence can make the heart grow fonder, and how maturity and time apart can do wonders for a relationship.

Every love story is different, and if their nine-year wait ends with them finding forever in each other, then the long wait was worth every second.



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Photo from @MileyCyrus (thumbnail and cover photo)