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Too Much, Too Soon: Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Call It Quits

A source close to the Sweetener singer says the news isn't a shock to anyone. 



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While that might sound a little harsh, a look back at this couple's relationship might provide the padding needed for the sharp words. 


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To remind everyone of "Grandson's" beginnings, here's a quick timeline of the love story: 

  • Early in May, Ariana breaks up with her longtime boyfriend and fellow singer, Mac Miller. 
  • Days after, rumors fly about the chart-topping singer and Pete when they're spotted chatting non-stop at the Saturday Night Live studio and after-party. 
  • Pete follows Ariana's lead and splits up with his own girlfriend, Cazzie David, soon afterwards. 
  • Mid-May, Ariana and Pete are attending each other's gigs, the most notable one being her 2018 Billboard Awards appearance where their first moments of PDA made it to social media. 
  • By the end of the month, Ariana confirms she is indeed dating the 24-year-old comedian. Them getting matching tattoos drives the point home. 


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my baaaaaby loves me ??

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  • In the first week of June, just three weeks after Ariana and Pete found their way into each other's lives, they get engaged. Ariana debuts her rock that reportedly cost at least $93,000 and took two weeks to make in a live onstage performance. 
  • A couple of weeks afterwards, and Pete finds a new address: his fiancée's Manhattan apartment which he moved into. 


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  • The couple's unprecedented amount of online PDA in the form of suggestive comments and tons of Instagram photos begins and is accompanied by even more sightings of them out and about in New York City.
  • Their "us against the world" approach to romance looked like it was going strong until it unexpectedly slowed down in early October.
  • And finally, come October 14, the pair has reportedly broken up, according to a close acquaintance of Ariana's, but neither Ariana nor Pete have commented on their relationship status. (Ariana still has all of her photos with her ex-fiancé up on her Instagram to date, though Pete has since deleted his account). 



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So there you have it—Grandson's whirlwind romance that was once the biggest thing on the Internet, but is no more. 


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Most people are speculating that the months-long relationship came to an end simply because it burned itself out; it happened too quickly and too intensely, with the young stars possibly realizing that a commitment as permanent as marriage wasn't something they were ready for.

Another theory is that Ariana's ex-boyfriend Mac Miller's death might have taken a toll on her, too; the 26-year-old passed away due to a suspected drug overdose in September (four months after their split) with Ariana posting a caption-less tribute for the American rapper. They were together for two years before they ended things, with Ariana constantly helping Mac throughout his battles with addiction that he might have succumbed to. 



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The source who first approached People magazine to break the news continued the story by saying the couple might no longer have romantic feelings, but still have a lot of love for each other. 


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Grandson's split is one of the many celebrity breakups that have tugged at heartstrings this year. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, John Cena and Nikki Bella, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, as well as Emma Watson and Chord Overstreet were some of the famous pairs that fell in and out of love in 2018. 



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What do you think of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's break up—was it a total surprise to you, or something you thought was inevitable? 

We'll continue to speculate while we wait for the ex-lovers to speak up themselves!


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