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Maine Mendoza's Fans Think Arjo Atayde Was Super Gutsy For Dating Her—Here's Why

Arjo Atayde stepped up to the truth in a room full of reporters ready to get his words on record, and with gusto, the Kapamilya star, Buy Bust baddie, and Tol lead confirmed the rumors that have been swirling above his head for months; he's got his eyes on a pretty girl, and he fancies her enough to keep seeing her and only her.

"Exclusively dating" is what he called it. 



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The thing is, he's not just seeing any other girl.

Arjo is in like with Maine Mendoza, one-half of one of the country's most successful love teams whose diehard fans want nothing else but to see her and her onscreen partner Alden Richards go from reel-to-real lovers. The arrival of Arjo (i.e: a disrupting presence in the AlDub pairing) may not exactly sit well with them, but nonetheless, they're happy to see their primetime idol happy with a new flame. 


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But all her fans are watching Arjo closely, and want him to know it. He better not mess things up, so to speak—or else. A Tweet from one of Maine's biggest fans pretty much encapsulates what her fanbase feels about her new beau: 



Begrudgingly, they're giving Arjo their kudos for being brave enough to single out their queen and announce his intentions for dating her; although they aren't yet officially a couple, the fact that Arjo has openly hinted at monogamy with Maine is good enough even for the most intense of fans—for now. 


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More so, he's even gone as far as addressing those who made it clear that they would never approve of he and Maine. In a statement, he said, "I don’t know how to get mad. I don’t know how to disrespect people. I despise disrespectful people. If they disrespect me, it’s fine though. But for my family to get affected, for Maine to be disrespected… that’s not okay with me." 

The protectiveness over this special girl in his life was loud and clear, and for the most part, people applauded him for taking a stand and deeming his budding relationship more important than the opinions of others.



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Overall, as it's only been a week since Arjo drew the curtain away from this big secret, reactions to his big reveal remain mixed.

Here's what Maine's biggest supporters had to say about her brewing romance with Arjo: 












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It's a tricky start to their unfolding love story, but if Maine and Arjo stick to what's most important (a.k.a., their feelings for each other), we're sure they'll be more than fine and will be well on their way to becoming a happy couple. 

In case you missed it, rumors about this pair first emerged in October when they were repeatedly seen around enjoying each other's company. To date, their only project together as professionals was last year's Jack Em Popoy: The Puliscredibles. 


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