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Here’s How, At 20, Liza Soberano Takes Charge Of Her Future

Life begins at 40, they say. Many people in their 20s or 30s are still clueless about their journey or how to take charge of their lives. But for those who know better and have become strong, independent individuals, figuring out one's life path and planning ahead are a must. And with all the means to do so made easily accessible these days, it's all a matter of taking a step back, looking to the future, and preparing for the unexpected. 

At 20 years old, Liza Soberano has decided to become the author of her own future, and encourages others to do so, too. She knows that showbiz is not forever, and when the time comes that she is no longer part of this industry, she wants to make sure her future stays bright and her life goes on as it should.  


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Liza Soberano is Pru Life UK Philippines' newest ambassadress 


During the launch of Pru Life UK Philippines’ myDNA Pro Bundle, where the Bagani actress was introduced as the brand's newest ambassadress, she shared how she sees getting a life insurance as a way of helping with unforeseen struggles in the years to come. The brand’s latest video campaign opens with Liza among a sea of people, asking herself, “For the longest time, I wondered: What is my place in the world?” 


Liza Soberano talks about life insurance, securing her future, and becoming the best version of herself.


“I’m all about self-improvement and becoming the best version of myself. It could be in my career, my finances, or just life in general,” she says. The Pru Life UK myDNA Pro program combines investment-linked life insurance solutions and tailored diet and fitness recommendations based on an individual’s DNA. This not only secures an individual's money matters but also his or her health wealth.


Photographs by Berwin Coroza