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Here’s What Went Down At the Baby Younghusband Gender Reveal

Phil and Margaret Younghusband are expecting a boy!

Mr. & Mrs. Younghusband gathered their closest friends and family for a gender reveal party held yesterday, January 29, at Samba terrace in Shangri-la at the Fort. The tropical-themed celebration—peppered with white, gold, and nature motifs—welcomed guests with drinks, acoustic music, and casual conversation, a relaxed and fun environment to kick off the much-awaited reveal.

Guests were invited to wear their guesses—blue for a boy and pink for a girl. There’s also a peg station for the undecided, with the choice of blue and pink clips for everyone to wear. Beside it, a white onesie is displayed for guests to stamp a blue or pink thumbprint on it to declare their guess!

Minutes before the actual reveal, baby games hyped up the crowd, which was followed by a heartfelt message from Phil and Margaret for the guests who joined them that night. And in true Younghusband fashion, the gender reveal came in a football set up—each held a blue and pink ball that they sent flying to the net. The hit sent a burst of blue confetti flying around the room—Baby Younghusband is a boy!

The predominantly blue-wearing audience cheered and congratulated the soon-to-be parents. Margaret shares how she and her husband thought their baby would actually be a boy. “When we looked at the sonogram, I said, ‘The baby looked like Phil,” the first-time mom exclaims. 

Congratulations to Phil and Margaret!

Here are more photos from the event: