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EXCLUSIVE: Bb. Pilipinas Grand International 2018 Eva Patalinjug On Being A Wonder Woman For A Cause


WONDER WOMAN. • Ever since this intelligent and multitalented woman played the role of Wonder Woman back in kindergarten, she has always aimed to be a version of this superheroine. "Sabi ko talaga, kapag nanalo ako, hindi ako magsi-sitting pretty. Gagamitin ko talaga 'yung influence ko kahit sa maliliit na bagay, makatulong ako at makagawa ng difference." @evapatalinhug #EvaPatalinhug?. Produced by @gracelibero Photography by @rxandy Styling by @stylizedstudio Creative direction by @theonlychookiecruz Makeup by @hmuashonezendon?Hairstyling by @iamolisara Special thanks to Gines Enriquez, Ivan de Lara, Terry Dy of @cafeamazonph, and Stephen Capuchino . Shot on location at @zoomburst . #BbPilipinas2018 #BbPilipinasonMetroStyle #Queens #wellstyledlife #lifestyled #lifegoals #inspiredliving @bbpilipinasofficial

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“I remember when I became Wonder Woman in kindergarten, that’s the first time that I really went out of my shell,” Bb. Pilipinas Grand International 2018 Eva Patalinjug narrates the beginning of her self-discovery. Since that memorable day from her childhood, she has never stopped being her version of the superhero that she used to portray.

Eva is a natural achiever, always aiming for the best output for whatever she pursues. From academics (she graduated Valedictorian in elementary and high school, passed the Nursing board exams and is now a law student) to extra-curriculars (she’s a dancer, a sporty woman, a piano player, a youth leader, and a MAC model), the Cebuana beauty always sets her mind to be on top. “I kinda enjoyed that because of the prestige and the honor of grabbing major awards in school. It’s sort of a way to pay my parents back and to make them very proud,” she says.

Her passion, however, extends beyond the campus and academe. Eva saw being a beauty queen a worthwhile pursuit. “My mom wanted me to join beauty pageants and back then, I didn’t want it because I cannot see myself here,” the 24-year-old shares. “But then, I saw a different side of beauty pageants–it’s not just all glitter and glamour; I realized that beauty pageants can also serve as a platform for your advocacies and causes in life.”

After winning one of the top titles of the prestigious Binibining Pilipinas, she won't stop until she reaches the top, the journey to one of her lifetime dreams has just begun.


Getting there

Being a beauty queen isn’t spared from the harsh bits of reality, and Eva knows this all too well. Her life is far from being perfect, but she has learned to cope with each and every struggle. The aftermath of her parents’ separation, for one, had been a rough road to take. But if anything, she wasn’t discouraged by it; it only fuelled her dedication to pursue greater things.

And so she strived for more, adding one feat after another under her already-long resume. She enrolled in law school, ventured on an entrepreneurial journey through her own makeup line called Psychee Cosmetics, supported non-government organizations like ECPAT, and finally, decided to step on the beauty pageant stage through Mutya ng Pilipinas, Binibining Pilipinas, and, soon, the international beauty arena. Eva felt she could do and conquer more.

“Some may become a politician, a leader or even the president of the Philippines. But in order for me to make a difference and to be a voice of other people, I need to become a queen,” she says. And even though Eva went through a controversy involving her answer during the Q&A portion at Binibining Pilipinas, she stood by her beliefs with much grace only true queens can do.

Eva is now preparing for her competition in Myanmar this coming October. She admits that a lot of pressure is put on her shoulders, being the first one to fly out of the country among the Philippines’ representatives. But her determination keeps her going and wanting to become the first Filipina to take the top title home. 


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Getting things done

The way she speaks clearly reflects sincerity that comes from deep within. Eva, being the go-getter and kind-hearted person that she is, had planned her work ahead. She recalls a moment backstage before the announcement of winners of Binibining Pilipinas happened. “Sabi ko talaga, kapag nanalo ako, hindi ako magsi-sitting pretty. Gagamitin ko talaga ‘yung influence ko, na kahit sa maliliit na bagay, makatulong ako and makagawa ng difference.”

For her last birthday, she spent a day volunteering at Contolengo Filipino Inc. as a way of giving back. She’s always been known to reach out to causes she believes in, and intends to extend a helping hand to more organizations in the future.

She, indeed, doesn’t just have a story to tell, she has a soul and a heart willing to help.


Getting ready

Before she flies out for Miss Grand International, the beauty queen wants to enjoy some downtime first. Among the things she loves doing during her rest days are reading, binge-watching crime-themed series, and cooking Cebuano dishes to make her feel at home. She’s keen on her Keto diet and squeezes in an hour or two of workout every other day to keep fit. She takes time on her skincare routine, citing some beauty tips on maintaining a clear complexion, including investing on good sunblock, removing makeup at the end of the day, and hydrating with lots of water.

Eva’s competition may be months away, but it looks like she’s well on her way to the crown, prepared as early as now.




Q&A With Bb. Pilipinas Grand International 2018 Eva Patalinjug:


What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Contentment–with what you have in life, with the people you are with, and the lessons and experiences you have. Because of your contentment, you’ll be able to stick to your values and principles in life and you’ll be able to prevent temptations in life. That’s perfect happiness for me.


Which living person do you admire most, and why?

It may sound cliché but it’s my mother. I really consider her as my lucky charm ever since I was a child. Her upbringing helped me be who I am. I didn’t regret her strictness because it nurtured me to become the best version of myself. And through her, lahat natutunan ko. I was able to become independent. ‘Yung pinabaon niya sa’kin, it’s what makes me strong now, naging strength ko to survive life and reality.


What do you like and dislike about your appearance?

I like my overall look. I consider myself beautiful, no matter what other people say. What I dislike naman, well, I’m big-boned, and malaki talaga ‘yung hita ko. I tried to go to the gym para lumiit. Pero hindi naman talaga perfect lahat, ‘di ba?


What is the quality you like most in a man?

Selflessness, which my boyfriend has. He’s also very loving, caring, and understanding. He’s patient and he really wants what’s best for me talaga. I couldn’t ask for more.


If you could change something about yourself, what would it be and why?

I would like to take away my sensitivity, ‘yung pagiging emotional ko. Pero that would take my being. Many people would say, I’m too emotional, I’m very sensitive, but ‘di nila alam, through it I’m able to help other people. Parang, you take that away from me and I won’t be me anymore.


What do you think is your best quality?

‘Yung sensitivity ko rin! It’s a love and hate relationship talaga. Parang, your weakness turned to strength, your strength turned to weakness. Apart from my determination, ‘yun ‘yung magandang trait ko because nagiging soft ‘yung heart ko to other people, that’s why I want to help other people.


What is your greatest regret?

I was not able to keep my family intact. Pero, of course, I have to go through life knowing that it isn’t perfect. Sometimes, you’ll really find yourself at a loss. Life will throw a lot of challenges but you have to be strong.


What is your motto?

No matter how dark the beginning may be, once you try hard, you can reach the sun.





White top and shorts, Zara

Embellished gown, Patricia Santos

Blue gown, Steph Tan


Produced by Grace Libero-Cruz

Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Creative direction by Chookie Cruz

Styling by Stylized Studio  - Danae Dizon, Patrick Perez, Joy Bernardo, Steven Coralde, Aina Ampil, and Aia Tabuzo

Makeup by Shone Zendon

Hairstyling by Oli Sara

Shoot assistant: Sara de los ReyesJovi Figueroa, and James Mangile

Special thanks to Gines Enriquez, Ivan de Lara, Terry Dy of Café Amazon, and Stephen Capuchino

Shot on location at Zoomburst Studios