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Quarantine Kilig! Fans Go Crazy After Watching Bea Alonzo And John Lloyd Cruz's Streamed Video Call

She said she missed him. He said he misses her


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In case you missed it, actors Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz took to Instagram Live last night to broadcast what was a nostalgic, but also well-informed, catch-up between them. The video call lasted for a while (definitely enough time to attract thousands of viewers) and the pair discussed life as we know it.

JLC drove right into talking about life under quarantine, political issues, the health crisis, and even mental health, but what really got hearts beating (or stopped hearts beating, depending on your tolerance for extreme kilig) was when the two steered themselves towards sweeter, gentler waters. And we must say—they could have conjured up a thunderstorm in the middle of summer thanks to the intensity between them.

Here's what fans had to say about the virtual interaction: 


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The former love team that made movies like One More Chance and A Second Chance iconic pieces of cinema did their fans a great service with a number of heart-melting moments.

There was that short exchange where Bea and John were Popoy and Basha again, and they delivered their characters' most memorable lines with the same gusto. 

And then JLC sang "You Are My Sunshine," acapella, to a doting Bea. (We'll never know if the rouge on her cheeks was blush or flush). 

Then there was that time when their fans collectively gasped as Bea told JLC she missed him, and in response, he told her that he misses her—misses, as in, present tense.

And as a final treat, to end the call, JLC casually told Bea that he had to go because he needed to put his little boy (his son Elias with previous girlfriend, Ellen Adarna) to bed, saying, "See you when I see you." Bea didn't say much in return, but lingered onscreen, clearly deep in thought after a conversation like that and smiling to herself. 


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We're not entirely sure of why Bea and JLC would choose to stream an otherwise private conversation to thousands of people, but sleuthing fans wager a guess: they could be starring in a movie together!

There are people who seem to think that the broadcast was yet another clue in the string of breadcrumbs they've been leaving behind about a comeback project. Other "clues" include the live audience table read they held at Ayala Triangle last February, and the fact that award-winning director Cathy Garcia-Molina mentioned that if she had to do one last film before her retirement, it would have Bea and JLC as its leads. 

There was also the fact that Bea and JLC had been exceptionally active commenters on each other's social media accounts before last night's live stream. 

Or, on the flipside, Bea and JLC could literally just be good friends who have managed to move on from any and all history and their fans are simply longing for their imaginations to materialize.

Either way, and if Bea and JLC really do have a surprise up their sleeves, we're all for it! It's certainly a refreshing way to spend out time while under quarantine. Besides, they seem to be enjoying themselves no matter what it is they're up to, and if they're happy, we are, too!

Photos from @beaalonzo @vhongx44