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EXCLUSIVE: Certified Beach Bum Rachel Peters Is Now The New Host Of "Beached!"

She lives in Siargao, managing a café, surfing her heart out, living the island life. That’s why when asked if she wanted to take on the role as the new host of Metro Channel’s show, Beached, Rachel Peters only had one thing to say: “Do you even have to ask? Of course! I fit this role perfectly!”

Beached is returning for its second season and as Maggie Wilson takes a hiatus to spend more time with her family, who else better to take her place than her fellow beach bum and beauty queen, Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters!


Maggie Wilson and husband Victor Consunji | Photo from @wilsonmaggie


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Rachel probably couldn’t be a more perfect fit for the role as she has committed herself to the beach life—she’s currently based in Siargao managing her own coffee shop and soon, an Airbnb, and is a self-confessed beach bum for as long as she can remembers!

“Anybody who knows me knows that I am happiest at the beach. It’s not a holiday, it’s not a break if it’s not at the beach. Majority of my tattoos are even beach-related,” Rachel tells Metro.Style.

“I don’t really know exactly when it started, but I guess when I was a kid, we lived in Manila and every single weekend we would drive to Batangas and we would spend our time at the beach. I guess my best childhood memories were at the beach and it’s just always carried on that way. Until now, our thing is we go to the beach, watch the sunset, drinking coconut, having a beer. It’s so simple, but it’s just those moments that really make your heart full.”


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And now, her beach life has really come full circle as she takes on her very first regular hosting gig and travel show. In fact, she reveals to Metro.Style that she’s working double time to get ready for the role.

“Coming in, I had major anxiety, and I think that really proves that I really wanted the role,” she says. “Because everything happened so quickly, I had to go on a crash diet because I’ve kind of let myself go a little bit, living the island life, not worrying about how I look. I was living life, YOLO, but now that there’s something that I need to be working towards, I have been doing intermittent fasting.”


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She also adds that while she’s on a strict diet nowadays, mostly sticking to food like saba, chicken breast, kamote, and boiled egg, she doesn’t deprive herself when she wants to eat something that’s a little on the salty or sugary side. Her tip to having and maintaining a beach-ready body: Eat in moderation and keep moving.

“Some days when you just want to have a slice of cake, have the slice of cake. Don’t deprive your body because at the end of the day you’re just gonna cheat and overdo it. So try and be consistent but once or twice in the week, allow yourself a cheat meal to get rid of that craving,” she says. “And keep moving—that’s the most important thing. Regardless of whether I’m in competition mode or flabby mode, working out has always been a part of my routine. I box, I surf, I do yoga, and gym. You switch it around so you don’t get bored.”



On being a beach and environment advocate

One of the goals of the travel show Beached, really, is to promote the beauty of the different islands in the Philippines, and encourage people to help in protecting it. We’ve all seen what happened to Boracay, and it’s something that shouldn’t happen to our precious natural resources.


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This is why Rachel is also excited to explore more of the Philippines since there are still a lot more gems waiting to be discovered around the country. She cites Siquijor and Romblon as two of the places on her bucket list, and two of the things we should probably be looking forward to on Beached.


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As a coffee shop owner in Siargao, what is fast becoming one of the tourist destinations in the country, Rachel also takes it upon herself to do her part in maintain the beauty of the island, despite the many challenges she is faced with.

“It’s quite hard. You segregate your trash and you take the effort to do it, but at the end of the day, you see all of it kind of gets thrown into the same place, so it’s frustrating,” she shares, talking about the lack of waste segregation and poor waste disposal in the island.

“So it’s come to just completely banning the use of single-use plastic in our coffee shop so we don’t do take-away styros, we don’t use straws, we use only paperbags. It may not be much, but at least we’re trying to do our part in any little way we can,” she continues.


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On social media, Metro Channel and Rachel have already shared some behind the scenes from their first shoot day—and guess we’re the team is heading? Beached is exploring the beautiful island of Palawan, so stay tuned for the season premiere this coming summer!



Photos from @rachelpetersx