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From Beauty Queen To TV Host—Pia Wurtzbach Talks About Her New Show And Her Best Travel Tips



From being an actress and a beauty queen, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach is now a TV host as well. Her travel show, titled "Pia's Postcards," on Metro Channel recently premiered, much to the excitement of her fans and travel junkies alike.

As a global Pinay and a jet-setting lady, Pia is always on the go, traveling to different places here and abroad and immersing herself in different cultures. It's absolutely hard to keep up with Pia's schedule these days. But thanks to her Instagram feed, we are updated with her whereabouts, delivered through enviable travel snaps from the busy city to the stunning beach to the historical tourist spots.

Her curiosity and wanderlust make her a perfect fit "Pia's Postcards" as it not only takes her to interesting places locally and internationally, it also allows her to connect with her fellow global Pinoys and share their stories of success to the Filipino viewers.

Here, know more about actress, TV host, and beauty queen Pia as a traveler:


What kind of traveler are you?

"I’m curious. I can’t say that I trek and get down and dirty because I don’t think I can. But I am very curious and am not very picky with food and the environment. I love visiting a place for the first time. It’s always interesting and nothing beats the excitement of being in a place for the first time and exploring."


What do you like to do when you travel?

"What I usually do is check out the top 10 tourist spots, and I do my own research to see if it’s a tourist trap then I round it off to maybe five must-see places when I’m there. Then if not, I will just ask the locals or find out for myself. I don’t really plan a lot, I usually rely on who I’m with to do the planning."


What are your favorite destinations?

"New York, it’s always fun. You know how people always say that Paris is the best place to go and to be but for me, New York is my Paris. I also really enjoy going around Europe, London more often because of my family. In Asia, I would say I like Thailand and Japan."


What was the biggest lesson you learned from traveling so much?

"You always get advice that you should learn to put your phone down while traveling but I realized that if you do that then you are not taking pictures, and what would be your souvenir of that place and time? So, my advice is take a lot of pictures. You don’t have to post them but take a lot of pictures. Backup your hard drives as well because I lost a lot of pictures. Time your sleep, especially if you are travelling far. If you are hungry, it’s so easy to eat but if you are sleepy during the day, it’s gonna be hard. Jetlag is going to be uncomfortable if you don’t time your sleep properly."


Interview by Kristel Dacumos-Lagorza


Photo from @piawurtzbach