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WATCH: Behind The Scenes At Metro Magazine's Cover Shoot With Kathryn Bernardo And Daniel Padilla


This month is all about making statements, and who better than #KathNiel decked in pieces from #Gucci’s most coveted collection? #KathrynBernardo and #DanielPadilla are in their own rights, forces to be reckoned with, but together, make up one of today’s leading love teams. The fashionable power duo are no doubt trendsetters, amassing one of the largest and most loyal fanbases in the country—but, will certainly not be stopping there. At the height of their fame, find out how the formidable pair plans on taking their careers forward and utilizing fame to make their statements. In terms of fashion statements, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re dressing for the red carpet, looking for the next it bag, or just wanting to experiment with the latest beauty trends, this issue will inspire and dare you to put your boldest and brightest foot forward. #MetroAugust2018 on stands soon! #MetroLovesKathNiel Photographer @markednicdao Creative Director @theonlychookiecruz Fashion Editor @randzomeness Makeup @justineclaudia Grooming @imryanko Hair @chrisrodil Nails @kathnailsbykcmb Special thanks to @grandhyattmanilaph Kathryn and Daniel both wear @gucci

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When Kathryn Bernardo enters, everyone takes notice. What catches their eyes, probably, are her chic sunglasses, her tiny tiny purse, and the mystery of what this petite ingenue is doing here right now. Similarly, when Daniel Padilla saunters in, he turns heads. Tall but of considerable heft, he commands the room with his presence.

Yet when KathNiel, hand in hand, walk in, it is pure pandemonium. Chaos. There is a shuffling of feet, a mad rush to get a photo. They position themselves beside the door of the cellar and the sea of bodies part as though on cue. This happens several times. Together they are unstoppable.

It’s been three years since the love team graced a Metro cover. At that time, Pangako Sa ‘Yo was in the works, and the two were nervous about taking on the roles of Yna and Angelo of a teleserye that defined a generation. They only had a few minutes together, yet one could feel the intensity of their presence. That their chemistry is palpable is a given, but in close range, one is engulfed in emotions. This time though, there’s a bit more breathing room. But nothing has changed. Even in this bridal suite, it’s inescapable.

Right now, we train our eyes on Daniel Padilla, who comes in and out of the room to indulge us in this interview. He’s quicker to dress and get fully ready, as most men are in photoshoots. In another room nearby, onand off-screen partner Kathryn Bernardo gets a quick makeup touch up. This is the opportunity to corner DJ, who candidly answers our questions, and he’s a pro at it—all truthfulness and charm.




At the time of the cover shoot, Daniel says he had been busy. Having begun shooting their latest movie, The Hows of Us, the two have been very focused on this new project. “We’re doing another movie, and it’s very exciting. It’s very, very different from what we’ve done in the past,” says Daniel. This time, he says, it’s about two people who have decided to be apart—and the question is whether they still have a chance to be together again. “I think mae-excite talaga ang tao, kasi ang gaan ng movie, pero at the same time, ang lalim din. Very real.”

Kath similarly likens it to the natural progression of a relationship. “Yung gist ng story, kami ni DJ, parang high school lovers. Siyempre in the first year, in love na in love pa kayo, madami ka pang nadi-discover sa partner mo. ’Yung challenge is kung paano ’yung long term, ’yung seven-year-itch. It’s about nag-grow kayo together, pero ’yung iba, nag-grow apart. Kailangan mo ng reason to stay. Parang at the end of it all, kung mahal ninyo ’yung isa’t isa, you’re going to go back to each other in the end.”

Seven years. That detail is very telling. Like life imitating art, or art imitating life—KathNiel will also be celebrating their seventh year as a love team this year. Are there any signs that the infamous seven-year-itch will hit them hard?


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