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Belle Mariano to Unveil Another Artistic Side in “BELIEVE” Concert

The “Can’t Buy Me Love” star sends fans gushing anew with what to look forward to on her upcoming birthday concert

Belle Mariano stirred up a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation around her much-awaited sold-out birthday concert “BELIEVE” during her media conference. The multi-talented actress dropped hints about unveiling a fresh side of herself at the Theatre at Solaire on July 13, bringing fans to the edge of their seats! 

“You guys will be involved, so prepare yourselves,” Belle teased while keeping the details of her surprise birthday concert under wraps. Fresh out of rehearsals, she was bubbling with butterflies in her stomach: “Natatakot ako magsalita, abangan niyo na lang po! Pero sa mga manunuod po, I can say prepare your lungs, prepare your voices!” 

What makes the “BELIEVE” concert particularly special is Belle’s bold commitment to pushing her own boundaries. Who knows what she’ll pull off? She promised a night full of surprises as she steps outside her comfort zone. “I’ll do a lot of things I never expected myself to do as well,” she divulged.

The phenomenal young star is determined to ensure she’s in peak condition for the big event. “I’m trying to improve on my stamina. I’ve been running, [doing] cardio—everything I can just to be physically fit to do the concert,” Belle shared, leaving no stone unturned to be physically ready.

Her preparation to deliver strong performances throughout the two to three-hour show isn’t just physical; it’s mental as well. By drawing parallels between her experiences in acting and singing, she underscores the distinct challenges posed by each art form. “When you’re acting, you become the character. You try to embody someone else and you create their life. But this time it’s you. It’s you who you create,” Belle elaborated. This shift from portraying characters to presenting her true self on stage requires a different kind of mental discipline and introspection. 

Adding to the thrill, Belle has announced a stellar lineup of guests to join her on stage, including OPM hitmaker Moira dela Torre, Philippines’ Concert King Martin Nievera, R&B singer Denise Julia, and her love team partner Donny Pangilinan. There’s also a mystery guest whose confirmation is eagerly awaited, promising an explosive surprise for concert-goers revealed by the singer. “Pahabol ko lang, we’re actually working on one guest pa pero we’re waiting for their confirmation, so hintayin natin ’yan. That’s very exciting, pasabog ’yon!”

With her sophomore album Believe recently released, the young star shared snippets of her five fresh tracks such as “Biglaan,” “Pakisagot,” “Little World Changer,” “I, Save Me,” and “Apelyido.” Filled with gratitude and admiration towards the composers, she expressed: “Thank you so much, ang ganda-ganda ng mga kantang sinulat niyo.”

This concert marks the first time she will perform these new tracks live. Her endeavor in crafting her latest album posed both challenges and rewards. “Actually, may mga songs nga na while I was recording it, nakahiga na po ako sa sahig just to feel the song more,” Belle revealed, highlighting the emotional depth she brought to the recording process.

All five tracks were handpicked by the Kapamilya artist herself, and her music label StarPop heartily spoke about how seriously involved she is in the entire making of her new album–from its initial concepts to its final touches. “I’ve always dreamed of being this involved sa concert,” she beamed. “Hopefully, through this concert, I make you, guys believe that anything is possible.” 

As to how the album differs from her previous one, she told Metro.Style, “I think when it comes to my music, it’s also evolving. Parang nag-mature rin siya, this album–for me, and mas marami po akong natutunan this time. Iba na ’yung tono ng kanta, medyo fast beat na siya, so ayun, that’s what makes it different po.”

More than a celebration, Belle’s 22nd birthday was a way of giving back. She talked about her charity event at the Cribs Foundation in Antipolo, Rizal where she, alongside her fans and team, spent time with abandoned kids. “I’ve always had a soft spot [for kids],” she shared. Her visit was beyond an act of charity; it was a mission to inspire the little ones. “Connecting it with 'BELIEVE,' I was there to inspire them to believe,” Belle expressed. 

“Freedom with guidance.” That’s how Belle describes turning 22. In her words, it’s about finding that delicate balance between taking life seriously and embracing its joys. With her family and management as her guiding light, Belle finds a compass to ground herself especially when the pressures of her budding career take an overwhelming turn. “I am grateful for my family and for everyone that’s guiding me,” Belle happily acknowledged.

Going down memory lane, the Can’t Buy Me Love star couldn’t help but get emotional. From karaoke sessions with her grandfather to headlining her concert, Belle’s rise to fame is a fairy tale come true. “It feels like I’m not just fulfilling my dream but I’m also fulfilling his,” she said. 

As Belle gears up for her grandest stage yet, she is left with a mix of emotions: “I’m really excited pero s’yempre, hindi mawawala sa’kin ’yung kaba.” She also mentioned how this birthday concert has been a transformative experience, making her believe in herself more. The same way around, she leaves a piece of advice to her fellow 22-year-olds: “If you find yourself giving up, remind yourself of your core and why you actually wanted this.” A true believer, Belle embodies the essence of trusting in God’s plans and “everything falls accordingly.” 

Painting a vivid picture of what lies ahead, “BELIEVE” promises a whole new Belle experience! As the date of the concert draws near, the “Bugambilya” singer broke another great news. From stage to screen, the exclusive birthday concert will be available on iWantTFC via live streaming for only Php 599.

Text by Leigh Sofia Lazo

Lead photos by Shaira Luna

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