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Ben Affleck Just Checked Himself Into Rehab—For The Third Time In His Life 

Just days after celebrating his 46th birthday, the Oscar-winning director and actor voluntarily checked into a rehabilitation center for alcohol addiction. 



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This episode marks the third time Ben will receive in-patient treatment for sobriety issues, the first being in 2001, and the second just in March 2017. The dad of three was reported to have reached out to a friend for help before going on his way to a Malibu-based health and wellness center where he will be staying at for an extended period of time.

Ben's rescuer? His entranged wife and fellow Hollywood star, Jennifer Garner.



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Reports state that it was Jen who rushed to Ben's home when she was alerted to what is now being described as a "crisis." After being married to him for over a decade before they filed for divorce in 2015, she was well aware of Ben's tendency to go overboard with alcohol and wished to be of help.

Staging her intervention at midday, Jen arrived at Ben's home to assess the state he was in, left for a brief time, then returned with an unidentified woman who accompanied the pair on the drive to Malibu. Looking visibly upset at the wheel, Jen still managed to keep her calm during a nerve-wracking situation. 



Investigating the events leading up to Ben's relapse, news outlets learned that he might have over-indulged on his birthday as he was photographed receiving a delivery of a box of whiskey in his home before the special occasion. 

Others also suggest that his fresh split from Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus who he had dated for over a year might have exacerbated his desire to drink again. Further adding to the speculation of a recent alcohol binge is the fact that Ben had been photographed spending time with Shauna Sexton, a 22-year-old Playboy model reputed for being a heavy drinker herself. 



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While the news might be upsetting to many, Ben's longtime followers might still be able to see a bit of positivity in what had happened. 

The fact that he had called for help and acknowledged a relapse was a good sign; given his long, and ongoing struggle with alcohol addiction, he was applauded for having the courage and honesty to confront a problem. His willingness to get better has always been at the center of his uphill climb to sobriety, and one that he has spoken about openly on social media in the past. 

Being a personality as recognizable and influential as himself, Ben once wrote that his openness about the reality of this battle is one he hopes can inspire others going through the same to find their own strength. 



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