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What Do You Think About Meghan Markle's "Faux Pas" At The Lion King Premiere?

If you're asking us, honestly, it was no big deal!



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The only way you could have missed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's awesome appearance at The Lion King premiere this week was if you've been living under a rock.

But it's not this couple's participation in the black tie event per se that's gotten the Internet talking, and rather, it's how Meghan, now a member of the British royal family, greeted one of the film's biggest stars when they met for the first time. 


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The Duchess of Sussex leaned in for a hug when she introduced herself to Beyoncé (who plays Nala) who was accompanied by her husband, Jay-Z—a massive no-no, according to royal protocol!

Traditionally, members of the royal family aren't permitted to engage in physical contact with the public, including high-profile celebrities. Apart from very selected un-gloved handshakes, everything else is out of the question, and that goes for the Queen herself, all the way down to her grand and great-grandchildren and yes, in-laws, too. 


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Many were quick to theorize that it was simply Meghan's Hollywood exposure and American upbringing that made her (momentarily) forget her royal training; Beyonce herself seemed unbothered by the gesture and even returned it with a warm smile. (Meanwhile, the boys in this picture were happy to shake hands and exchange mutual words of admiration for each other). 

Others pointed out that Meghan has always been a non-stickler to rules like this. She's always set herself apart as a modern princess of sorts, choosing to be a relatable monarch rather than one who behaves and follows rules of an era gone by. 

The fact that Meghan is of lower rank in the royal family (Prince Harry is sixth in line to the throne) has also been considered, but, really; who has time to nitpick over this when what's truly important is the fact that Meghan and Prince Harry took the time to be part of such a great moment in movie history? 


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Meghan and Beyoncé's friendly hug wasn't the only thing that had people overanalyzing their every move, either.

Another royal protocol states that whenever a royal couple is invited to an affair, their red carpet walk (or their grand entrance, in general) should come last. They have to be the main event in that sense, and surroundings must be swept to guarantee their safety, but at the premiere—you guessed it!—Beyoncé and Jay-Z beat them to the chase and walked the carpet some moments after they did.

Royal fanatics were not happy about Queen Bey getting more applause and reportedly having more security around than her royal counterpart.

It was Meghan, this time, who seemed unfazed about the moment (and likely never even noticed it happen!) and like her, we believe that more time should be devoted to fawning over the film and its cast's talents rather than trivial behind the scenes moments like these!


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What do you think about the current buzz over Meghan's behavior on the red carpet?

Was it totally harmless and endearing, or would she do well sticking to royal rules and being more mindful of them in public appearances?


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