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Humility and Heart: “BINIverse” Team Revealed What BINI Is Like Then and Now

The members of the Nation’s Girl Group are as respectful and resilient as they were when they first forayed into the industry

BINIverse: The First Solo Concert” is fast approaching, and fans are getting more and more excited about what to expect at their shows on June 28, 29, and 30 at the New Frontier Theater. BINI, who soared to popularity with their summer tunes “Pantropiko” and “Salamin, Salamin,” has been garnering praises for their chart-topping feats in the local music landscape and beyond.

The nation’s girl group’s narrative is discipline and determination multiplied. The team behind BINI’s triumph attests to the girls’ admirable consistency, commitment, and loyalty to their love for P-pop.

BINIs Aiah, Colet, Gwen, Jhoanna, Mikha, Maloi, Sheena, and Stacey before are no different from the now-better versions, taking their values to heart and being humble in whatever work they do. “[Ang] galing—who they are now, and the growth and the talent,” “BINIverse” dance coach and director Mickey Perz told Metro.Style. “I think being humble of the way they are is very, very important.”

“Before, they were really shy. They didn’t know how to project, what to do. They were also clumsy. They were also very, very fragile back then. But now, seeing them where they are through their hard work, actually, it’s really discipline, determination, and resilience.”

Mickey, who first met BINI back when they were looking for Star Hunt Academy trainees, backtracked to how BINI forayed into the field of entertainment. According to him, BINI’s evolution is truly a story to tell, as the ensemble really started from the rubble. He said, “In the past five years, what they went through is not easy, e. I think you really need to have a support system but you had to have a goal and believe that you will make it.”

“Not everyone was able to sing before, and not everyone was able to dance, and not everyone understood how butt coordination work[s], and how to perform. I think it has to do with a lot of discipline talaga, e,” Mickey explained.

Mickey attributed BINI’s accomplishments to their ability to toil hard as well. In his words, the octet’s overwhelming success is brought about by a series of not giving up. He confirmed, too, that BINI’s career is the result of the girls’ reinforced work ethic and willpower. “For example, they are really tired, you will see that they are tired. But if they have to work, they will show [up]. They understand what they have to do.”

Macoy Infante also opened up to us about witnessing the group’s growth. As the production manager of “BINIverse,” he proved that the members of BINI have managed to transform into a more improved brand. He believes that they broke out of their traditional P-pop stature and even sparked a fresh genre of Filipino music. “Makikita mo parang dati, worry namin kung may manonood ba. Pero ngayon, parang hindi na siya problem,” he made sense of BINI’s stardom.

He added, “Three days [’yung concert], tapos nag-sold out siya. In two hours, ’yung first day, na-sold out. Tapos ni-launch ’yung Day 2 and 3, in two hours, sold-out sabay. All eyes are on these girls so lahat, nakatutok sa kanila ngayon. So kailangan, quality din ’yung ilalabas mo.”

Having collaborated with BINI since 2021, Macoy continued to applaud them for their attitude: “Actually, ’tong mga batang ’to, mahiyain kasi silang nagsimula, e. Nu’ng simula’t simula, ’tong mga batang ’to, they’re very polite. They’re very magalang. ’Pag nagkakasalubong kami sa corridors, beso, ‘Hi.’ Ganiyan. Katrabaho namin sila since 2021... Mababait sila, ’yung mga bata. Even their management—from their manager down sa lahat.”

Macoy’s level of comfort with the ladies, also, is something he treasures for sure. He always perceives them as a positive presence, whose dedication and prowess are worth every wish-come-true.

Nakukuha namin ’yung insights talaga nilana parang dati, pangarap naman talaga nila ’yung mapalakpakan,” Macoy carried on, walking us through his working relationship with the group.

Macoy continued, “Kami rin naman, as their support system sa prod, masarap din sa pakiramdam na naririnig namin ’yung palakpakan for the artist—’yung hiyawan sa mga artist na ginagawa’n namin ng shows, ng concerts.”

In the same vein, Maan Manauis of Star Magic smiled at the mention of BINI’s extraordinary milestone. She has since handled the girls from Star Hunt, and held on to a shared dream that the entire team is destined for. 

The countless hours committed to training, their talent, hard work, and humility, were all a stepping stone to the group’s goals. As BINI’s road manager, Maan remembers all of BINI’s struggles before debuting on the big stage. She shared, “Lahat ng hirap nu’ng girls, lahat ng puyat, lahat ng gutom na naramdaman nila, na-witness namin. Talagang alam mong may pinupuntahan naman ang mga pinaghihirapan nila. Deserve talaga ng girls kung ano man ’yung nakukuha nila.”

Being the ate that she is, Maan also broke it to us that despite BINI’s transition from newcomer status to new-generation icons, the girls have always been aware of how they should treat their staff and teammates.

Maan opened up, “Marespetong mga bata. Never ka para sagutin. Nirerespeto nila ko bilang Ate Maan. Hindi lang naman ako, actually, ’yung mga staff naman na nasa paligid nila. Kasi hindi naman kami magtatagal nang ganito, ’di ba, kung hindi sila okay katrabaho? Kasi itong mga batang ’to, na-train talaga sila na hindi maging diva.” 

She added, “‘Kung ano’ng pagkain namin, pagkain n’yo.’ Hindi sila para bigyan ng special treatment. Hindi na namin kailangang sabihin na ‘bigyan naman natin ’yung mga marshalls natin, mga drivers natin.’ Sila na ’yung nagsasabi nakuya, pasok po kayo dito. Kain po tayo sa catering.’”

Landing endorsements left and right, BINI has been rewarding themselves with investments, too. The BINI members today are more mature and teachable; they talk to their peers and elders with politeness. Maan shared, “Playful pa rin naman sila pero mature sila in a sense na naiintindihan na nila ’yung mga bagay na kaya sila nire-restrict before, ay para din sa kung ano’ng mayru’n sila ngayon.”

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