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Black Magic Halloween Party: The Award-Winning Costumes That Caught Everyone's Attention

And the awards at the first-ever Black Magic Halloween Party of Star Magic go to...

Star Magic challenged its artists to dress up in standout Halloween outfits for its first-ever Black Magic Halloween party, and they rose to the occasion with impressive and accurate depictions of their chosen characters. They took a break from work and celebrated All Hallows's Eve at the Marriott Grand Ballroom of Resorts World last night.   

As this event is a first of its kind for Star Magic, the celebrities pulled out all the stops to make it truly memorable, so grand and so fun it makes us wish this becomes an annual theme! It truly set the bar high for what is expected of a wonderfully conceptualized Halloween  party. 

To acknowledge the effort the guests put in to match the theme, the mood, and the ambiance of the occasion, awards were given out to them.  

Check out the gallery below to see the winners:

Photos from @starmagicphils