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10 New Things We Discovered About Byeon Woo Seok

During his press conference ahead of his "Summer Letter in Manila" fanmeeting, Byeon Woo Seok expressed how grateful he is that fans in and out of Korea loved his character Ryu Sun Jae in "Lovely Runner"

Byeon Woo Seok at his "Summer Letter in Manila" fanmeeting press conference
Byeon Woo Seok at his "Summer Letter in Manila" fanmeeting press conference | Photo courtesy of PULP Live World and Varo Entertainment

A day before his fanmeeting in Manila, Lovely Runner breakthrough star Byeon Woo Seok held a press conference to share his thoughts about the success of his latest series and his experiences so far being on tour. It's always exciting when an actor steps into the venue to make his grand entrance at a press conference. But Byeon Woo Seok sure knows how to amp up the excitement and make people's hearts flutter; he surprised the members of the press with aesthetic yellow rose bouquets, handing each of them personally and making eye contact as he did so. 

Byeon Woo Seok is currently in the Philippines for the "2024 Byeon Woo Seok Asia Fanmeeting Tour: Summer Letter in Manila" event, as organized by PULP Live World. It's happening tomorrow, June 22, at the New Frontier Theater.

It may be rainy season in Manila already, but he was radiating a sunshiny vibe, which is sure to make his fans feel like it's summer all over again. (He even lovingly thanked everyone for attending the press conference although it was raining outside. Sweet Sunjae-ya!).

Here's everything we learned about Byeon Woo Seok from his press conference:

He wants to do another rom-com series like Lovey Runner. He said he easily fell in love with his character there, Ryu Sun Jae, a former swimmer turned singer and actor. So, when it comes to the role he wants to do next, any new role or project that he'll also love the moment he reads about it would be worth doing. 

He loves that traveling for his fanmeeting tour "awakens" his mind. With the sudden boost in his popularity, there are many firsts that Byeon Woo Seok is experiencing these days, like his first-ever Asia fanmeeting tour. When press con host Kring Kim asked him about the most exciting part of that milestone, he said that it's just the mere fact that he's able to visit different places and meet his fans from different parts of the world.

His favorite dramatic scenes from Lovely Runner are… first, the episode when Ryu Sun Jae first confesses to Im Sol that he likes her ("That's my favorite scene,") he said through an interpreter; second is the episode where he is talking to his dad over an alcoholic drink and opens up about his past feelings; and lastly, episode 10 when he tells Sol that it's okay for him to die as long as he knows she likes him. 

If he hadn't become an actor, he would've probably become… a coffee shop owner or an entrepreneur. Although he doesn't drink coffee, he said he likes to serve coffee. "Siguro magaling din ako du'n," the translator interpreted his playful answer. 

He considers it a great achievement when people appreciate his characters. Byeon Woo Seok is overjoyed that the viewers loved Ryu Sun Jae, so he said that for his future projects, he would appreciate it if they would also fall in love with the new character he will portray. He revealed he has a new project coming out in a few months!

He credits the actresses he has worked with for the compliment he has received regarding having great chemistry with his co-stars. He said there's really no secret to him having good relationships with his co-actors. Chemistry is something that must be worked on together, after all, so he pointed out that it's a factor that he also met good actresses. He further said that perhaps it's their shared love and passion for the project that really connected them. 

He's still adjusting to his sudden popularity. Byeon Woo Seok has been an actor for about eight years now; Lovely Runner is the first project that featured him in a lead role. It's amazing how well-received it was, resulting in a sudden boost in his popularity not just in Korea but also overseas. "Everything itself in my day-to-day [life] is actually a big surprise," he said, pointing out how surprised he was to see a huge crowd welcome him at the airport when he arrived in Manila.

"Just imagining that I'm in front of you, doing a press con, is itself also a dream come true," he added.

His projects that he recommends his new fans to check out are… 1) Strong Girl Nam Soon where he portrayed the role of a villain, 2) 20th Century Girl where his role is a high school student who's a member of the broadcasting club; and 3) Moonshine where his character is a rebellious crown prince.

He didn't expect the success of Lovely Runner. Although he, his castmates, and the crew were passionate about their wonderful project—so much so just being able to do it seemed rewarding enough—he admits they also hoped for good feedback on what they worked so hard on.

His goal for his fanmeeting is… for those who put in time, money, and effort to watch his show and make the event happen to "go home with good memories." That thought of his fans having as much of a good time as he has, he said, is his biggest preparation for his fanmeet. 

Lead photos from @varoent_official

Press conference photos courtesy of PULP Live World and Varo Entertainment