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Look! Blogger Besties Laureen Uy, Camille Co, And Kryz Uy Take On Germany!

Hallo, Deutschland!



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Nothing comes close to the exhilarating joy that comes with getting to explore a new destination with your best friends. And when they're just as excited to roam unfamiliar streets, sample new bites and sips, and soak in a totally new milieu while sharing your love for all things kikay and stylish even when abroad, it's thrice the fun!

For this trio of bloggers who have been besties for close to a decade, that's exactly what this trip to Germany is turning out to be. It's an affirmation of the bond they've formed over the years and a reminder of why they've remained gal pals even while pursuing their individual ambitions.

Camille Co, who just successfully launched Scandinavian furniture store Curio Cavern, sums up the experience in a sweet caption: "I just realized it’s been 8 years since these two crazies came into my life. Although we’ve come a long way (from young naive girls to legit titas), we’re still the same old trio at the very core."


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And a long way they've come indeed, what with their hundreds of thousands of followers who scroll through their Instagram feeds and watch their vlogs on a daily basis. But despite their growing fame, it's awesome to see that these women still put friendship at the top of their list of things they value most.

Check out their matching outfits—a badge of friendship for many women—as proof of how they ride the same wavelength; trendy chunky sneakers are aplenty, while the season's starring linen pieces along with classic denim finds also make appearances alongside wide-legged pants and oh-so-comfy t-shirts.


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Acting as each other's photographers and creative directors as they hop from their chosen cities' coolest spots and hidden gems, we're sure that they had a blast every single second.

So the next time you and the girls sit down to plan your next getaway, take your cue from Camille, Laureen, and Kryz—celebrate friendship and live life to the fullest with your best girls at your side!


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Here are some of the places they geo-tagged in Germany:

1. "Kadewe: everyone’s favorite department store in #Berlin; also known as the scene of the crime for the murder of all our wallets." - Camille

2. East Side Gallery, an open-air gallery in Berlin that features a series of murals

3. Markthalle Neun, an indoor market with international food vendors and shops

4. Brandenburg Gate, an 18th-century neoclassical monument in Berlin

5. Hotel Zoo is where they're staying at. Once a private residence for an affluent family back in 1891, it was converted into an upscale hotel in 1911. To describe it, Kryz says, "Our funky home in artsy berlin."

6. Michelberger Hotel, a quirky hotel that features cozy, bohemian rooms and a trendy cafe/bar that serves vegetarian and vegan dishes

7. House of Small Wonder, a restaurant that serves comfort food inspired by Japanese cuisine

8. Café Einstein Stammhaus, a chic, Viennese-style coffeehouse in a Neo-Renaissance villa that is known for its fresh pastries and cakes. "I think our trip really is all about finding the best restos and cafes in Berlin," shares Laureen.





Photos from @kryzzzie @laureenmuy @itscamilleco