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Tyra Banks Interviewed Catriona Gray! Here's What They Talked About

Tyra banks let Catriona Gray know that she's still not over her jaw-dropping lava walk, and Catriona told Tyra about that time she freaked out when she received support from her during the Miss Universe competition over Twitter.

It was an experience that the Filipina beauty queen will never forget, the best snippets of which she considered "pinch me" moments!



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Finally allowed to share her experience with the American supermodel, Catriona took to Instagram to let her fans know that she had been interviewed by Tyra for V Magazine, a US publication that combines pop culture and fashion. The Miss Universe titleholder was featured in the magazine's summer issue for her accomplishments in music and pageantry, and boy did she sizzle in her photo shoot!


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On its website, V Magazine published a handful of excerpts from Tyra and Catriona's phone interview done last March and we're totally into how the two were supportive of each other and openly expressed admiration for the one another.



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More so, the brief conversation gave us more reasons to love Queen Cat, as she revealed that she entered pageanty not for herself, but to draw attention to Young Focus Philippines, a local children-focused charity she's supported before, and continues to work with.


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"We love pageantry in the Philippines, but growing up my dream was never to be a beauty queen; I entered a pageant at 21 to bring awareness to the charity I was working for, and still work for. Even at Miss Universe, I was just grateful to be there. My mindset wasn’t, what if I don’t win; it was an attitude of gratitude," Catriona said.



Young Focus with @catriona_gray on stage!

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And though it's been four months since Catriona bagged the gold in the world's most prestigious pageant, she and Tyra couldn't help but reminisce over what the journey was like and what Catriona remembers the most.


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Looking back on the road to the crown, Catriona pointed out that the worldwide support from Filipinos for her, pageant beauty hacks (who knew that spraying hairspray could help with cellulite and jiggle while onstage?), and always trying her best to spread positivity were some of the things that have stuck with her the most. 



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On the other hand, Tyra took the time to share her thoughts on beauty too, teaching Catriona a term that she coined after leading the modeling industry for years and years: "flawsome." 

"I am all about 'flawesome,' which means your flaws are awesome," Tyra said. 


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Catriona's V Magazine interview is her most recent international media exposure.

Earlier this year, she was featured in Vogue where she recreated her coronation night glam look, and attended several New York Fashion Week events where she enjoyed empowering discussions addressing relevant issues in the beauty industry today. 


Check out photos from Catriona's V Magazine shoot below!





Photos from @catriona_gray