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In Photos: 11 Couples, Siblings, And BFFs Who Love Traveling The World Together

Traveling on your own is definitely an experience everyone has to try at least once in their lifetimes, but even with the allure of exploring new and strange destinations by yourself, nothing quite matches the experience of traveling with friends, family, or a special someone!

Check out these celebrity buddies who have had lots of opportunities to see the world together!


Who: Lovi Poe and Rhian Ramos 

Where: New York

Who else will take your selfies and tell you how to pose like a pro model in the uber-fashionable streets of The Big Apple itself? Not that Lovi nor Rhian need any advice, though, as both ladies are perpetually photo-ready wherever, whenever and have Instagram feeds that are the envy of many. We last spotted this pair out and about in NYC together this January where they weren't only enjoying the city's many wonders, but working out together, too!


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Who: Kim Chiu and Xian Lim

Where: Europe last year, and China and Taiwan this year 

It was adorable enough when Metro.Style cover girl Kim Chiu's long-time dreams of experiencing a white Christmas came true, so when her real-life beau Xian Lim joined her on many escapades to lands far and unfamiliar, the actress (and her fans back home) couldn't help but gush out loud about how extra sweet it all was. She's an avid traveler who makes sure to head somewhere new every year and surely enjoys the company of Xian each and every time.


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Who: Megan Young and Mikael Daez

Where: Most recently in Japan, South Korea, Belgium, and Iceland

Seriously, Megan and Mikael are the epitome of #CoupleTravelGoals. They've been everywhere together, from sunny tropical beaches right here in the Philippines, to breathtaking historical sites in Europe, and pretty urban spots around Asia. The real question when it comes to these two is where they haven't been! This year, they've visited Japan, South Korea, Belgium, and Iceland, and by the looks of Megan's Instagram account, they're not stopping any time soon. 


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Who: Kim and Boop Yap

Where: Paris, France and London, England 

This pair of stylish sisters pretty much has it all: thriving careers as celebrity fashion stylists, beautiful families, the most fun-loving barkada a girl could ever ask for, and lots of opportunities to travel the world—shopping, dining, strolling included! Regardless of having the choice to visit essentially any destination, we've noticed how Europe—specifically the romantic city of Paris—holds a special place in the hearts of Kim and Boop. They're often in the French capital, picking up new finds for their work or simply enjoying the City of Lights' countless charming corners. 


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Who: Maxene Magalona and Robbie Mananquil

Where: Japan

With how often this husband and wife visit Japan, it almost looks like it could be their backyard! They've been absolutely in love with the East Asian country for years, and it's been so special to them that it's even where they got engaged. We've lost count of how many times the Eerie star and her hubby have set foot in Japan, but what we do know is that we'd love to have them as our travel guides the next time we find ourselves in the Land of the Rising Sun—we're pretty sure they know it like the back of their hands by now!


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Who: Dani Barretto-Panlilio and Bela Padilla

Where: Hong Kong

One of the greatest joys in having a BFF to travel with is how you can be total kids at heart and have a blast, uncontrolled laughter and candid photos and everything! Check out how Bela Padilla and the newlywed Dani Barretto lived this out perfectly when they were at Hong Kong Disneyland some time ago and made the most of the visit. Their matching outfits from the day and their friendship that's only gotten stronger over the years speak leagues of just how much fun they have when they're together. 


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Who: Camille Co, Kryz Uy, and Laureen Uy (also known as The Trio)

Where: Italy

They travel often on their own, but this girl squad can surely admit that being in a foreign country is just way more fun when they're all together! Just this month, it just so happened that influencer and entrepreneur Camille Co tied the knot in Siena, Italy, her destination wedding being the perfect excuse for her and her blogger besties to drive by to nearby cities and of course, take a ton of super stylish OOTDs in the process. They also recently went to Hong Kong for Camille's bachelorette party!


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Who: Nadine Lustre and James Reid

Where: California 

Nadine and James have gone to a lot of places together and with friends, but we're especially fond of the 2018 trip they had to California's dessert regions. The climate, surroundings, and even the color palette of that trip was nothing short of surreal! We're extremely happy to have gotten to see the place vicariously through these two adventurous souls, and we have our fingers crossed that they'll take us to somewhere new and just as beautiful real soon. 


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Who: Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla

Where: Japan 

In case you missed it, Kathryn and Daniel were recently named as Japan's newest travel ambassadors! The announcement coincided with an extremely photogenic trip to the country during winter and we loved every photo they shared of the holiday's best moments. Accompanied by industry friends and their fave glam team, this couple looked every inch the stars they are back home. They've explored Canada, too, and were in Nevada and California last year. 


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Who: Vina Guerrero and David Guison

Where: Around Europe and the Philippines

Oh, what it must be like to experience new things with the one you love the most! This is exactly how influencer couple Vina Guerrero and David Guison like to nurture their relationship. They've traveled extensively, locally and internationally, bonding over fresh sights and sounds that fuel the fire between them. Their eye-popping Instagram feeds highlight the best of the best of their travels, with places like Santorini in Greece, Rome and Siena in Italy, and Siargao as three of the places they've been to in just the last month!


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Who: Vern and Verniece Enciso 

Where: Around Europe and the Philippines

Nothing quite compares to sisterly love, and Vern and Verniece Enciso know it! The girls who are often mistaken as twins each have their own sizable followings as successful influencers, but when it comes to authentic, personal, and lasting support, they know who to turn to: each other. It then makes perfect sense for them to want to bond over anything and everything in and outside the Philippines where they can laugh out loud, dress up, and make new memories to last a lifetime to their heart's content. They're always out and about, but their trips to South Africa, Canada, and Palawan are definitely some of our favorites! 


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