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Look! These Celebrities And Society Personalities Dressed Up For Halloween 2020

Even when there are no big Halloween parties to attend, they still found ways to have some fun with their costumes and beauty looks

Dressing up for Halloween is a tradition for many, including these celebrities and personalities. Although the Halloween celebrations this year are different (i.e. virtual) and, for some, totally non-existent, some of them still didn't skip the fun of wearing costumes and transforming into characters that range from playful and cute to sexy and scary.

Despite the pandemic, having some fun at home during one of the most anticipated holidays of the year certainly won't hurt. For instance, for first-time parents Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia, who are fond of dressing up for Halloween, they just couldn't skip their tradition especially now that they have an adorable little one to dress up too. 

Check out the gallery below to see what looks these celebrities and society personalities rocked this year:

Lead photos from @johnvalle20 @pressmanissa @beaalonzo @sarahlahbati