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Chef Miko Aspiras Created Desserts Inspired By Mikaela Martinez And Maggie Wilson

Chef Miko Aspiras has become synonymous to world-class, luscious desserts. A sought-after dessert chef, he is known for bringing unforgettable sweet endings to our tables.

The mastermind behind Le Petit Soufflé took his dessert artistry up a notch with his recent collaboration with Milkmaid. He was up for the challenge of turning two beautiful, sophisticated, and fun-loving ladies into actual desserts! These two lovely and extraordinary new creations are set to be included in the list of Manila’s favorite desserts as part of Le Petit Soufflé's menu.


From left: Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez, chef Miko Aspiras, and Maggie Wilson-Consunji


The first muse is Beached host Maggie Wilson-Consunji. Since she's a jet-setter, it’s interesting how chef Miko combined elements that will bring the flavors of all her escapades into a spoonful of goodness.

Called the Chai Tea Floral Leches Cake, the dessert features a playful, layered taste that comes from the delicate chiffon cake, tres leches mixture infused with chai tea, candied pistachios, Japanese togarashi and topped with Italian-style mascarpone whipped cream.

Maggie describes it as “exotic,” and rightfully so—the mixture of Italian, Japanese, and Moorish elements forms an extraordinarily delectable experience.



The second muse is personal shopper Mika Lagdameo-Martinez, for whom chef Miko created a cheesecake confection inspired by her love for, well, shopping!

The Tropical Fruit Pastillas Cheesecake is not your usual cheesecake, because it’s made to serve as a tribute to fashion. Chef Miko’s base of lemon cheesecake was topped with assorted fresh fruits, like strawberry, watermelon and lychee, with additional touches of mint leaves; the assortment represents the diverse options when you shop. Pastillas serves as a finishing touch to the sweet masterpiece.



With the launch of these new desserts, Chef Miko hopes to inspire one to enjoy indulgence in all its luxury—whether it’s in travel, shopping, or food.

The multi-awarded chef shares, “Too often we equate indulgence with excessiveness. But indulgence can also be about allowing ourselves to feel, taste or experience something new."