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Christian Bautista And Kat Ramnani's "Bali-wood" Welcome Dinner Party Looked Totally Fun And Festive


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Today is the much-awaited big day of Metro Weddings digital cover stars Christian Bautista and Kat Ramnani!

Last night, the couple hosted a dinner party to officially welcome their guests to their destination wedding in Bali, Indonesia.

Given Kat Ramnani's Indian background (she is part Indian-Irish-American-Filipino), the couple thought it fitting to honor the Indian culture through a Bollywood-themed welcome party.


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Bollywood parties are known to be grand and festive, and those are exactly the words that can perfectly describe this #LetsGetReadyToRamBau party. Guests were well dressed for the occasion, garbed in traditional Indian clothing—some women in sari & choli and Indian-inspired kaftan (as seen on TV personality Cesca Litton, who is Kat's best friend) and some men, like the couple's official wedding photographer Pat Dy, in kurta.


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Kat was dressed up in a lehenga, a traditional Indian clothing for women that features a cropped top and a long embroidered and pleated skirt, by Anushree Reddy. In an earlier interview with Kat, she told Metro.Style, "The theme is Bollywood, it's a fusion between the Balinese batik and the Indian outfit. We encouraged our guests to wear colors and make it bold. What I'm wearing is called a lehenga. I've actually never worn an Indian outfit before so I'm very excited to wear one for my wedding... It's a two-piece, [the top] comes up very high and the skirt is very low, so I don't think I'll be able to eat that day. But it's beautiful. There's so much beautiful beadwork and I've learned that Indian designers are very intricate and really source their fabric and hand-paint everything."     

Christian, on the other hand, wore a bespoke Bollywood-inspired suit with a golden brocade coat and a printed blue waistcoat by Suit It Up Manila, and a pair of subtle gold trousers.


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The venue of all the wedding festivities is Tirtha in Uluwatu. Set on the southern cliff top of Bali, with sweeping views of the Indian Ocean, Tirtha is specially designed to host weddings and provide a magical venue couples and their guests will remember forever.

According to Kat's friend, Kara Mendoza, "The couple set up this marketplace with their favorite local Bali artisans," adding a fun and unique twist to their pre-wedding festivities.

Come nighttime, the garden was transformed into a dance floor as guests were entertained with a highly energetic Bollywood dance performance. There was a sumptuous and scrumptious spread filled mostly with traditional Indonesian dishes and desserts, such as karedok (raw vegetable salad in peanut sauce), sate ayam (skewered and grilled meats with various sauces, mainly peanut sauce), bubur injin (sweet dessert), dadar gulung (coconut pancake), kue lapis (steamed layered cake or pudding), among many others.       


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Photos from @patdy11