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WATCH: Christian Bautista And Kat Ramnani's Love Story Will Make You Believe In Love At First Sight—Plus, Go Behind The Scenes At Their Metro Weddings Digital Cover Shoot

"When she arrived, I was just mesmerized," quips Christian Bautista, as he shares the story of how he and fiancée Kat Ramnani first met. The two met through common friends, who invited them for a fun adventure at Breakout Manila. Christian remembers how he was so impressed with Kat at the time, and how he immediately found her a woman who is beauty and brains personified.

Meanwhile, Kat says, "I was told he's an up-and-coming singer." She, on the other hand, enjoyed Christian's company then, not knowing the guy he just met is a famous public figure not only in the Philippines but in other Asian countries as well.   


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With that fun and casual setting easily putting them in the mood for some getting-to-know-each-other conversations, Christian and Kat instantly hit it off. 

"We started talking, and the friendship started from there," Kat shares. 


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“After spending a lot of time with her, after experiencing a lot of days and weeks and even challenges with her, I discovered na this is someone I could spend the rest of my life with. For example, if we would solve a problem together, when I was weak, she was strong. We help each other a lot. We don’t give up on each other. I think when you find someone like that, who is willing to go through any kind of day with you, that is the time you would say to yourself, 'This is The One,'” Christian said.

In this video interview with Metro.Style, this lovely couple, who got engaged in November 2017, shares their fun meet-cute, their first impression of each other, and their favorite bonding activities:


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Main photograph by Seven Barretto

Behind-the-scenes photographs and video by Romeo S. Peralta, Jr.