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Vogue Australia's Filipina Fashion Director Is Hollywood Filmmaker & Actor Joel Edgerton's Girlfriend!

Her name is Christine Centenera, a woman of style and substance we'd love to get to know better. 



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In that unique way that only romance can bring two people together, Filipina beauty Christine (older sister of Metro Channel's Driven host Tricia Centenera) and Australia native Joel Edgerton are now a happy couple, attending Hollywood events hand in hand and popping up in posh destinations all around the world. Though seemingly a puzzling match to those unfamiliar with Christine's work, they're actually a pretty awesome couple and we're glad their paths crossed! 


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She's been in fashion for over a decade and boasts of an impressive resume, while he's a Hollywood hunk recognizable for his roles in The Great Gatsby, Black Mass, The GiftRed Sparrow, and Golden Globe-nominated Boy Erased, the last of which he was the director of. 

This formidable match first made headlines in October last year as they were spotted getting close and cozy and sharing a kiss or two, and come 2019, they're officially an item—a relationship milestone reached just in time for Valentine's Day, too. 



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Now that they're official, curiosity about Christine has piqued among us all, and a little research has yielded some pretty interesting results about this style maven, who is said to have had a good influence on Joel fashion-wise.




Here's what we now know out about her: 


She's Metro Channel's Driven host Tricia Centenera's sister

It's honestly a little challenging to tell these pretty ladies apart sometimes! They (like their other sisters) look so wonderfully alike that you can't mistake them to be unrelated. Christine and her sister, Metro Channel's Driven host Tricia, are fashion forward, confident, and have all the qualities of women we admire. 


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My sisters & dad ??

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She's Vogue Australia's fashion director

As mentioned, Christine is very much steeped in her work in fashion, but she isn't just like any other stylist, merchandiser, or branding specialist out there. She's Vogue Australia's fashion director, which essentially means that she's the best of the best at what she does—which is to create beautiful fashion editorials, conceptualize photo shoots, be on top of style trends and match them with the right models and celebrities, among many other duties. 


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She has styled the biggest names in Hollywood and the world of fashion

And because she holds such a covetable position at Vogue Australia, she has worked with all of fashion and Hollywood's biggest names: Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Kylie Jenner, Victoria Beckham, Naomi Campbell, Elle Fanning, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Amanda Seyfried, and Cara Delevingne—just to name a few. 


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Happy birthday gorgeous girl ? @gigihadid

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She co-founded Wardrobe.NYC

According to the brand's website, Warrobe.NYC is "a conceptual composite of luxury essentials, distilled into their purest and most desirable form. Designed for a modern urban life, the line consists of in-season, cohesively styled wardrobes, priced without retail margins." It's a clothing line that's a first of its kind, one that directly brings the finest luxury fashion items straight to the consumer. 


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She has worked with Virgil Abloh, and was praised for it

Louis Vuitton's artistic director for menswear didn't make a mistake when he tapped Christine to play a starring role in his brand's June 2018 show. In the much-awaited event, Christine helped style and even cast the models for the big event, further solidifying her status in the industry. 


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She's credited for adding some spice and life to Joel's wardrobe

They've only been together a few months, but Joel's most ardent fans were quick to pick up on changes in the way he dressed—which many of them naturally assumed were the effects of his relationship with such a fashionable woman. The otherwise jeans-and-t-shirt kind of lad has transformed into a more polished, albeit still ruggedly handsome, man—a well-received change!


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