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Look! Claudia Barretto Represented The Philippines In This Music Video For A Thai Movie

Now that's the way we'd like to see Philippine talent get more international recognition!



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Claudia Barretto, an emerging Generation Z star and a member of one of the Philippines' biggest clans of showbiz royalty, is hitting all the right notes as she lays the foundation for what's bound to be an illustrious career ahead of her. 


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At just 19 years old, she's amassed almost a million followers on social media largely due to her awesome travel photos, memorable style moments, covetable hair and makeup looks, and most recently, a starring role in a music video-slash-trailer for Thai rom-com FriendZone. 



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She sings a few lines in Filipino, the lyrics of which are addressed to a figurative love interest whose intentions she wants to be sure of. ("I want to know what's in your heart, are you trying to fool me?" translates a part of her verse). 

Singing the plight of most young girls her age, Claudia is featured side by side other Asian talents from Laos, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand, all of whom contribute to the catchy tune in their native tongue and groove to the beat with cute dance steps. 


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The project is definitely one of Claudia's biggest accomplishments to date, and one that's also likely to shine a brighter spotlight on her this year. Wanting to make a name for herself as a singer rather than an actress, Claudia excitedly shared a clip of her brief performance on her Instagram this week. 

"So honored to have been a part of FriendZone, a Thai movie, coming out in theaters soon! The official music video for #FriendZone is out now. Watch my performance with 8 other international singers," she captioned the post. 



A little throwback from a while ago ??

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Most impressively, Claudia's part also extends to the film itself! She's rumored to have a cameo with FriendZone cast member Jason Young, but it has yet to be revealed what her role will be exactly. 

We're proud of Claudia for waving the Philippine flag on the international stage, and more than that, we're excited to see the kind of artist she'll grow up to be!


Watch Claudia's complete performance in the full music video for FriendZone below.



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