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WATCH: Claudine Barretto Spills Her Best Kept Beauty Secrets, Including How She Lost Weight!

There isn't much to looking ageless if you keep things simple, according to her

How local showbiz icon Claudine Barretto has maintained suppleness and a smooth complexion isn't rocket science. Rather, according to this mom of four and Metro.Style cover girl, the old  adage "less is more" applies to beauty regiments, too, and it's done absolute wonders for her over the years! 

In an exclusive video, Claudine walks us through her go-to products and routines and we promise—by tomorrow night, you'll be able to do exactly as she does, thanks to the simplicity of her  beauty dos and don'ts. 

EXCLUSIVE: Claudine Barretto Is Back, And She's Here To Stay!


EXCLUSIVE: Claudine Barretto Is Back, And She's Here To Stay!

Here's a quick snapshot of  what you'll learn from the video: 

1) Value sunblock over makeup. 

2) Don't skip working out, even if it means getting into just a straightforward five to 10-minute routine when you're at your busiest. 

3) For the on-the-go woman, choose one feature to highlight in case there really isn't any time to do a full face. (Claudine chooses her lips!). 

4) More than external factors, it's the feelings of contentment and confidence—positive emotions, as a whole—that keep you looking and feeling youthful. 

5) Intermittent fasting worked for Claudine, and it could work for you, too!

Hear more about these points in detail in the video below!

Screenshots from "Beauty Box With Claudine Barretto" on the Metro.Style YouTube channel / Additional image by Rxandy Capinpin Beauty Box With Claudine Barretto