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Filipino-Norwegian Singer Clinton Kane On His Creative Process, Debut Studio Album, And World Tour

The artist, who has amassed more than 752 million global streams, is bringing his "Maybe Someday It'll All Be Ok" tour to the Philippines this December

Listen to Clinton Kane’s single, "I Guess I’m in Love," and you will be in love—with him and his voice. If you do, you won’t be alone because so did millions of listeners, garnering the 23-year-old star more than 752 million global streams and selling out headline tour dates across North America. He also has almost 7 million monthly listeners on Spotify. 

The young artist, who grew up between Perth in Australia and the UK, has an impressive ability to connect to the listener. His songs are filled with soulfulness, honesty, and hope. On the other hand, his youthful and textured vocals have an almost conversational quality, making you feel as if he’s telling his story to you in melodic form while you get lost in his music. 

Clinton Kane signed to Columbia Records and released his this is what it feels like EP in 2019, and he has received much love since with his next singles: "Chicken Tendies," "I Guess I’m in Love," "Go to Hell," and "14." 

This December, the Filipino-Norwegian (his father is Filipino and his mother is Norwegian) singer-songwriter will be coming to the Philippines, as part of his "Maybe Someday It'll All Be Ok" World Tour to the Philippines. Live Nation Philippines has announced that the concert will be held at the New Frontier Theater on December 3, 2022.

Clinton Kane - Maybe Someday It'll All Be Okay world tour - Metrostyle interview

For his scheduled trip to the Philippines, Clinton excitedly shared that he plans to order everything in his hotel’s menu, mentioning pork sinigang, daing na bangus, and fried galunggong as his favorite Filipino food. 

In this exclusive interview with Metro.Style, the talented artist chatted with us and looked back on how it all started for him in the music scene and talked about his debut album.

How did you discover your love for music?

"I wasn't, like, in love with music. I think I just like, really loved it, just growing up with a lot of it and you know, my childhood with my mom and church and stuff. But it really affected me personally when I started songwriting and that kind of changed everything for me. And that was like, 2018, so three to four years ago? That was the start of everything. Without the writing, I would just listen to music, I just wouldn’t care too much."   

What’s your process when you compose or arrange your music?

"It usually starts off with an instrument. I start playing a bunch of chords and if I find chords that make me feel a certain type of way, I go on with it, and then I start riffing. I start, you know, just singing gibberish, like melodies, and then I come up with that stuff and then I find something, and then I start, you know, double downing on the melody and then the words just start coming out. I’m like, ‘Oh wow! This makes sense to what I’m feeling right now.’"

Clinton Kane - Maybe Someday It'll All Be Ok world tour - Metrostyle interview

What are your thoughts on your current success and tour?

"I haven’t really processed the tour, and you know, people selling out tickets and all that stuff. Um, I really haven’t processed anything. I’m not the type of person to sit down and be like, ‘Wow. This is crazy!’ I’m always like, ‘Next thing. Keep moving. Keep moving. Keep moving. But you know, whenever I do, it’s definitely, like, a huge, huge, blessing… and it’s crazy, it’s amazing."

You released your debut studio album, Maybe Someday It'll All Be Ok, a few months ago. Please share with us what the album is all about and what messages you wanted to convey with it.

"The album was just moments in time, in my life, that were significant to me. I was bad and good. I think it was more of just a message to myself, even with the album name, I think I was just talking to myself. I guess it was just putting all those songs in perspective. It was, like, writing all my feelings down in a diary and then looking at myself in the mirror and maybe, ‘Someday, I’ll be okay.’ It was like a plea of hope, you know what I mean? Maybe things in the future will be better. It kind of depends on each song, but the fastest song I’ve written was 20 minutes. The longest song I’ve written took a year. '14' was the year and the one that took 20 minutes was 'I Guess I’m In Love.'"  


Clinton Kane is also set to have other Asian stops: Kuala Lumpur (November 27), Bangkok (November 29), Tokyo (December 1), and Singapore (December 6).

Tickets to his Manila tour on December 3 are now available via

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