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"Riverdale" Star Cole Sprouse On His Stay In Manila, His Favorite Filipino Food, And The One Place In The Philippines He Wishes To Visit


Actor-photographer Cole Sprouse is in Manila for a local brand endorsement and to meet his Filipino fans. His meet and greet happened in SM MOA and Glorietta earlier today.



But a day before the big event, the actor was seen in several spots around Manila. Fans spotted Cole crossing the streets of Binondo, riding at the back of a jeepney, hanging out in a bar in Poblacion, Makati, and walking around several spots in the city like a local.



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Cole in Manila today (april 19) Via ?missgelai ?on twitter #colesprouse

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According to the actor, riding a jeepney is something he feels he has to do while in the country: “It was something I needed to do, the air was so good (laughs) going around the city in high-speed… it was so great.”



Today’s Highlight: Ride the jeepney during rush hour! #itsmorefuninthephilippines

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Every time he travels, he makes sure to experience the culture of a place, saying, “When I travel, I like to try and get as much local experience as possible. I try to stay away from the super curated, super polished areas”

Filipinos are known for being hospitable, and Cole can now attest to this: “Everywhere I walked, we were greeted with the kind of warmth and hospitality that you hoped for, as someone who travels—you kind of get lucky when you walk into it. Mixed with the amazing food and the nice warm weather, it’s been a great experience."



Cole wants to visit other parts of the country particularly our beautiful islands and beaches: “My original plan was to travel around the islands and be able to see some of the beaches, but there was a mystical spiritual island that I would really love to visit.” 




A  self-confessed foodie, Cole says that his visit to Manila was more like a food tour.

“I tried to see all of the city—it’s been like a food tour for me. I’ve been trying to eat as much as possible while I’m here which has been an experience. We went to one of the seafood markets and I just gluttonized myself for about an hour and we didn’t eat again until about 9:00 at which point I gluttonized myself again”

And his favorite Filipino food? Balut.



A little trivia, back in 2012, when Cole was a student in NYU, he posted a photo of him eating balut (duck embryo) in his blog, which he took down the same year. Fortunately, fans were able to retrieve some of the contents of his old blog.




There's no doubt Cole enjoyed his stay in Manila, so here’s hoping to see more of him in the Philippines. Welcome to Manila, Cole Sprouse!



Photographs by Kim Wee-Ebol of Spotlight Creatives