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Reactions, Words Of Support, And Messages Of Love From ABS-CBN's Supporters

On July 10, Friday, the country's largest broadcast network, ABS-CBN, was denied a fresh 25-year franchise by Congress, prompting a barrage of reactions from the network's personalities, celebrities, and supporters

Tears were shed, gazes were lowered, and backs were hunched but spirits remain unbroken. 

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UPDATING THIS POST: FRANCHISE DENIED. Am at a loss for words. All I know, ‘The Lord gives, The Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord’ (Job 1:21) ———— Today is VOTING DAY. This is no longer just about ABSCBN, the company. This is about the power of choice in our democratic space - the choice of what to watch & listen to. This is also about the lives of 11,000 workers of ABSCBN, their families and the supply chain that rely on this industry for livelihood. As it is, 7 million Filipinos have lost their jobs because of COVID, it is sad ABSCBN workers will add to that. For me, it is above all - the love, passion and calling for a craft that has not just defined me, but hundreds of journalists, creative staff and artists who have committed their lives to this line of work. Is ABSCBN a perfect company? NO. But is it worth killing instead of reforming? Definitely NOT. Whatever happens today, I know the journey of ABSCBN isn’t over. If things don’t go our way, I have no doubt ABSCBN will come back even stronger. I am forever a KAPAMILYA ❤️💚💙 #july102020 #voteyestoabscbnfranchise #istandinfaith #istandwithabscbn #prayingforamiracle

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Though majority of Congress voted to deny ABS-CBN's franchise renewal—an issue that took a dozen hearings to address, the last of which was marathon-like in length, clocking in at 10 hours—many of the network's employees, allies, personalities, and celebrities have expressed their continued support.

What began on May 5, when the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) handed the media giant its first cease and desist order, has now culminated in today's events: the second time in ABS-CBN's 66-year-long history that it was forced to go off the air by the government. The network was first shut down in September of 1972 when dictator Ferdinand Marcos stripped the independent media off of all freedom during Martial Law. 

A final tally of votes revealed that 70 congressmen and women voted against the franchise renewal, while 11 voted in favor of it, one abstained, and two inhibited.

Below are some comments and reactions from the network's supporters: 

DZMM Anchor Pat-P Daza Gets Candid About  Her Thoughts On The ABS-CBN Shutdown


DZMM Anchor Pat-P Daza Gets Candid About Her Thoughts On The ABS-CBN Shutdown

Forever A Kapamilya: 14 Former and Current Employees Express Support For ABS-CBN


Forever A Kapamilya: 14 Former and Current Employees Express Support For ABS-CBN

News anchor Kim Atienza, whose TV Patrol segment has him sharing weather reports and little nuggets of trivia, took a more religious approach. 

Reporter Gretchen Ho used today's events as a learning point for the youth.

Bianca Gonzalez-Intal posted a straightforward image with an equally straightforward caption. 

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Kim Chiu, who found herself at the center of the franchise controversy a few weeks ago, expressed her disbelief.

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My 💔 for my fellow kapamilyas. . To those 70 members of the congress, we hoped that you decided based on conscience, not pride; based on Facts, not ego; based on truth, honesty, and service; not vengeance.🖤. To the 11 members of the congress, THANK YOU for being BRAVE. Thank you for giving us HOPE❤️💚💙. . Our AbsCbn leaders did everything they can. Proved them wrong, showed everything, gave EVERYTHING to protect its people. Stayed calm amidst being bullied(sorry for my word). Did 13 hearings na paikot ikot, ABSCBN proved that we have NO violations. In the middle of this pandemic. Pagpapasara ng Abscbn and pagpapatupad ng terror bill ang nangyayari. What is happening to our country?. 😭🙏🏻 #why

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Bela Padilla's play on "Kapamilya," the term that the network gives to its employees, stars, and all who support it, was meant to be comforting. 

Actress and social activist Angel Locsin thanked the network's faithful supporters. 

"One day, we will meet again," wrote veteran broadcast journalist Karen Davila.

"ILY" stands for pamilya and I love you, according to actress Bea Alonzo.

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ILY 💔💚💙

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Anne Curtis-Smith, despite being in Australia for the time being, sent virtual hugs.

Singers and husband and wife team Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez sent out a thank you, no more, no less.

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Salamat kapamilya. 🙏🙏🙏

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Dimples Romana thought back to her 23 years as a Kapamilya.

Beauty queen turned TV host Pia Wurtzbach foreshadows this day's importance in the future.

And Catriona Gray sends out a little prayer, ending her post with "we will never forget."

Journalist Julius Babao remains hopeful as a new page in the country's history unfolds.

ABS-CBN Chief Content Officer Charo Santos-Concio was reflective, sad, and let down, but grateful nonetheless.

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I am beyond heartbroken. Hindi lang po para sa akin kundi para po sa aming libo-libong mga Kapamilya dito at sa buong mundo. To Carlo, Cory, Mark, Ging and to the rest of the Franchise Renewal team, maraming maraming salamat for your courage, humility and strength. I am so proud of all of you! Sa aking mga Kapamilya sa ABS-CBN na pinuno ang langit ng dasal, it is with great pride that I all call you Kapamilya. Sa amin pong mga tagasubaybay, kayo po ang aming naging inspirasyon... hindi namin kayang suklian ang inyong pagmamahal. Maraming Salamat po. Hinding-hindi po mabubura sa aming mga puso ang ating pinagsamahan! Naniniwala po ako na tayo po ay muling magkikita. To our dear God, ikaw po ang aming magiging lakas sa mga darating na araw. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #InTheServiceoftheFilipino #MaramingSalamatKapamilya #SaMulingPagkikitaKapamilya ❤️💚💙

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Liza Soberano shared her thoughts in a series of tweets, including one that directly addressed ABS-CBN employees.

Korina Sanchez-Roxas, a journalist who began her career with ABS-CBN 30 years ago, shares a personal and heartfelt post, and ends it with a familiar tagline, too.

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ABSCBN. Practically my first job even before graduating college. It is my honor to have been in the very first show that went back on-air that day, after its franchise was returned to the Lopezes in 1987. “Watch Us Do It Again” was our tagline. And ABSCBN did. And more. And how. And this was after the network had to shut down after the declaration of Martial Law, after owner Geny Lopez was jailed and escaped to the US to fight another day, after freedom of the press was killed and then resurrected after more than 20 years... You see, that’s why I hold my 30 year loyalty award trophy with a smile. I believe in miracles. I believe in right winning over wrong. I believe, ABSCBN will be back. You ask me how I am. I am grateful, for more than 30 years serving the Filipino in a Philippine flagship. I am humbled the Lopez family and management trusted me from Day One in my early twenties, till today. I am proud to have been chosen by you to be in your homes almost every single day in my eventful broadcast career. I am excited, for what happens next. And I am certain, history will do this entire episode justice. This isn't goodbye. This is, see you again. Hopefully sooner than later. Handa na ba kayo? ❤️💚💙 #KapamilyaForever

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Julia Barretto posted a gut-wrenching image on Instagram (and endured troll-generated replies in the comments section, as have most, if not all, Kapamilya artists and supporters as of late).

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Absolutely heart breaking.............

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Agot Isidro posted a photo of the ABS-CBN tower with a line from Victor Hugo's Les Misérables.

congress denies abs cbn franchise renewal reaction 0

And there was also Sue Ramirez, an actress who focused not on her emotions, but shed light on the network's official statement about the highly controversial situation.

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July 10, 2020.

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Gretchen Fullido thanks everyone who supported ABS-CBN and gives her fellow employees at the network a virtual hug.

Like many of ABS-CBN's artists, journalists, and supporters, many Filipinos continue to back the network and believe that in due time, all will be restored and things will be as they should be. 

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