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"Crazy Rich Asians" Author Kevin Kwan Just Announced Some Crazy Good News!

The national and international best-selling author as well as the actors behind box-office hit Crazy Rich Asians are in for a big treat this coming awards season. The groundbreaking film that left lasting impressions on its worldwide audience has just been given not one, but two Golden Globe nods. 



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The awesome news was shared by Kevin Kwan himself on Instagram, where he posted a snapshot of a tweet from The Hollywood Reporter, making it official. 

He writes, "What wonderful news to wake up to! #CrazyRichAsians has been nominated for BEST PICTURE and BEST ACTRESS!!!! Congratulations to @constancewu and the entire cast and crew on this historic nomination!!!" 

Constance Wu is the first Asian woman to be nominated at the award-giving body in decades (44 years, to be exact!). In an interview with entertainment outlet ET, she says, "I'd never seen it happen to an Asian American woman before. So I didn't think [it would happen to me]."


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The Singaporean-born writer was of course referring to the collective milestones the film managed to reach, and more importanty, the spotlight it shone on Asian culture, talent, and representation in the global film industry. Before Crazy Rich Asians became a global phenomenon, it had been decades since the world had seen a blockbuster fronted by an all-Asian ensemble, let alone one that portrayed characters who were influential, intelligent, and alluring. 


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All in all, the film successfully broke the mold for Asian and other actors of non-Caucasian ethnicities, and ultimately, became a beacon of hope for anyone of Asian descent; for the first time in a long time, being Asian was something that they could be proud of, something that the world was in awe at. 



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In a day and age where racial tension is rife and has caused many a tragedy and conflict, the Golden Globes sends a powerful message by highlighting a film that puts Asians—a group considered to be a minority in Hollywood—at front and center. 


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Crazy Rich Asians'  Golden Globes nominations are its biggest accolades to date, and if they're any indication of what is yet to come, perhaps a chance at being a contender in the Oscars race might also be in the stars for Kevin Kwan and everyone who had passionately worked on the film. 



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The film's success has resulted in prior achievements for itself and its cast. Leading man Henry Goulding became GQ magazine's first-ever Asian cover. Its cast was chosen by the National Board Review for Best Ensemble. The movie was ranked the highest grossing romantic comedy in a decade. The actors of Crazy Rich Asians have headlined in countless magazine features and fashion editorials. 


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Luckily, for the biggest fans of Kevin's books and the history-making film it paved the way for, sequels (yes, plural) are officially on the way. Follow-up novels China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems will mostly star the same set of talents, and will begin filming in 2020. 

But until those two movies reach cinemas, we're keeping our fingers crossed for the good fortune we hope Crazy Rich Asians will have at the Golden Globes, and all other upcoming awards ceremonies, at that!


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