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Cristine Reyes Is A Merciless Assassin In "Maria"—She Takes Us Behind The Scenes, On Set!

Make room, Anne Curtis! 

Cristine Reyes is the next actress to cross genres, trading in her sweetheart facade for stoic intensity and physical prowess on the set of Maria, a gripping action movie about a woman out for unapologetically stone cold revenge. 



Scrapes and bruises? More like sashes and badges of honor to be proud of.

This is the attitude that Cristine has embraced to give justice to the titular character in her career's first-ever action feature, and it's certainly one that's allowed her to be "seen like never before"—and we love it. 


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Echoing the path that Anne Curtis laid out last year in her blockbuster hit Buy BustCristine tests her boundaries as a performer in a role that's demanded a whole new set of skills for her to master. Despite anchoring most of her professional milestones on an image of femininity and sensuality, Cristine shows that holding a gun and slashing her enemies' throats always come as naturally to her as smiling coyly for the camera. 




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Taking us behind the scenes of some of Maria's most intense action sequences, Cristine explains that they were definitely as difficult as they look onscreen.


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Though physically fit in real life (she's a mixed martial arts practitioner), she describes the movie's choreography as needing a ton of extra physical training. Each and every day on the set has been exhausting for her and her co-stars, as they constantly used every muscle in their body to make every fight, chase, and escape as convincing as possible. 



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"I have to get stronger. I have to go to the gym almost every day. I also have to be disciplined when it comes to food. I have to eat healthy, so I can replenish all the things that I lose every time I work and every time I work out," she shared matter-of-factly. 

(Taking all her preparation seriously, Cristine went as far as reviewing recent action hits like John Wick and Atomic Blond to gather inspiration from).


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Yet, however ready Cristine was to take on her role of Maria, an ex-drug cartel assassin who's left her life of violence for a regular existence as a wife and a mother, director Pedring Lopez insisted on providing stunt doubles for her and other actors for the riskiest of scenes. It was simply a precaution, he clarified, and 90 percent of the action scenes were still executed by Cristine herself. 




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Overall, saying yes to a project that drew Cristine out from the familiar and into uncharted territory was something she enjoyed from start to finish. 

Maria has yet to drop on March 27, yet talks of a sequel have already been circulating and if given the chance to star in one, Cristine definitely wants in on the action. 


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"If asked to do another action film? I would definitely say yes, one hundred percent," she concluded. 


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