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Jason Momoa, Mike Colter, And Chris Hemsworth Make Hands-On Fatherhood An "It" Thing

You’ve seen these guys save the day on the big screen or on television. They’re perpetually ripped to the core and their steamy appeal has graced content in many magazines and online editorials. What’s truly endearing about them, though, is simply how they live their lives when they’re with their families, most especially with their kids. These guys give new meaning to the title “Mr. Incredible." We’re talking about legit superhero stars Jason Momoa, Chris Hemsworth, and Mike Colter who respectively play the lead heroes in the following features: Aquaman, Thor, and Luke Cage. Incidentally, how funny is it that they all also happen to be born in August?


Chris Hemsworth

Some of you may already follow Australian actor Chris Hemsworth a.k.a. “Thor” on social media.  Wielding his famous hammer as one of The Avengers over almost the last decade has made him indubitably the reigning onscreen god of thunder worldwide.  His 35th birthday was last August 11. 



If you don’t follow Chris yet, you’ve probably missed out on a couple of his antics with his wife Elsa over the last year, or while surfing with his kids or doing jump-rope with them, not to mention random roughhousing at home. 







Elsa Pataky, who is seven years older, admitted in this year’s February issue of Elle magazine that her husband was quite young when he became a father, so it wasn’t easy at the beginning,  “…at the same time he was juggling th?at with his career and it was sometimes difficult, there was so much going on.” However, Elsa admits, because of Chris’ diligence and commitment in carving out time for the family, they continue to reap the benefits, especially after having moved to Byron in New South Wales, Australia just about over three years ago. “I really wanted to be in a place where I’m out of reach to the media...and in Byron we just feel like locals.”



Mike Colter

From fighting fictional crime on the streets to keeping it together at home, Luke Cage series actor Mike Colter also rocks as a hands-on father. He and his wife, Iva, have a three-year-old named Naiella who he endearingly calls “Niles," and they are also expecting their second baby girl very soon. Mike mentioned to US weekly magazine, "We actually wanted another girl, so we are very excited."



STOP!! HAMMOCK TIME! #bicoastal #weekendvibes #hammock #daddylittlegirl

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Sometimes he posts his downtime and quality moments with Niles, like when he’s out driving. How cool is it that Niles is chillin in the backseat with Luke Cage himself? Of course, we know she’s a tad bit too young to realize that just yet.




Happy Monday?? ?? @kimnick22 #throwback

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When asked about how strict he happens to be as a dad to Niles, he believes he is quite balanced. He mentions watching her as she toes the line on what’s allowed—what’s good and what’s not, but also seeing if she’ll learn to realize dad knows what’s best.



Those random low days also hit and little girls like Niles end up crying, sometimes for major reasons, sometimes for silly reasons, hut Mike made a point last Father’s Day; he said that no matter what the reason might be, he will always be there for Naiella  We think it’s one of the sweetest Father’s day messages posted to date.



Ok i have a confession. This pic was taken last week. you see my daughter crying her eyes out for reasons I honestly cannot recall.. the truth is it doesn’t really matter. Now why is that? Better yet why am I smiling all the while? Its simple. its only been three years but I already can see the future. I won’t be able to get this close to her always.. to get to hold her and make her feel completely 100% safe. Not because I won’t try but because she will wander farther and farther away from her daddy. In search of her own life.I can’t stop her but i will try to delay it. If even for a short time. for as long as i can. and until that day, every single time she cries that’s my cue. to pick her up. to kiss her sweet salty tears away. Hold her as loooong as I can or until she realizes that she no longer hurts or is afraid. this is why these moments are selfishly my favorite moments. I love her more than she will ever know. So when she cries. And its crocodile tears as they often are. it doesn’t bother me. Its kinda just my cue. To do what fathers do. Feel me? ???? ?????? Happy Fathers Day! #fathersday #daddyslittlegirl #gottatakeitwhereyoucangetit #minnieme

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As for the next “superbod” dad in the lineup, Mike also took the time out to greet him right on his own feed. The one and only Jason Momoa celebrated his birthday last August 2, while Mike Colter will be celebrating his birthday this coming August 26.



Happy Birthday to @prideofgypsies !! #aquaman #karldrago #happybirthday

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Jason Momoa

Game of Thrones’ very own Khal Drogo, a character of brute strength who was taught the tenderness of true love by Daenerys Targaryen, was made famous by the onscreen presence and juggernaut size of American actor, Jason Momoa. His father is of local Hawaiian descent and his mother is an American with German, Irish, and native American ancestry. He entered a relationship with the former wife of Lenny Kravitz, Lisa Bonet, in 2005 and eventually became stepfather to her first daughter, Zoe Kravitz. 



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Jason’s marriage to Lisa Bonet was made official in October of 2017 and he now has two children with her; their daughter, “Lola” Iolani Momoa, and their son, Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa. The long name of his son has interesting origins—Nakoa is "the warriors," Mana means "strength/spirit," Kaua (rain) and Po (dark) describe the conditions on the very evening he was born. The very end of this video is too precious for words.



As a dad, Jason spends as much active time with his kids as he possibly can. He’s embraced his term of endearment as “Papa Bear” with open arms and doesn’t fail to constantly challenge his kids in taking on new adventures.






Emmet @prattprattpratt we love you #sdcc #legofolife aloha j

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Jason also happens to be an avid climber and one of his pursuits is to introduce climbing as a healthy activity to kids old enough to try the sport. His involvement with 1CLIMB and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America aims to provide more climbing walls and activities for children. 




We’re only beginning to imagine how fit Jason’s kids already are right now, and how physically agile they’ll most probably be once they’ve grown up. All kids should have as many adventures as they can while they’re young and it’s wonderful to see that someone’s in for the action, there to blaze a trail, as well as guarantee their full-on protection every time. 


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