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Kathryn Bernardo And Daniel Padilla Bonded Over This Hilarious Experience

Just when we thought we'd had our fill of the biggest, sweetest gestures from KathNiel for 2019, this reel-to-real love team showed us yet another of their adorable behind-the-scenes moments this week.


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Kathryn, who graced Metro Magazine's special Body Issue's cover last month and talked about her maturing sense of style, ventured into the unknown when she—wait for it—took the plunge and decided to get her ears outfitted with multiple piercings.

Her mom Min was there to oversee the whole procedure, as well as her The Hows of Us co-star Juan Miguel Severo (who Insta-storied the best moments from the day). But what really took the cake away was Kathryn and Daniel's handholding and how she hilariously said, "Hold me tight," as the piercing needle inched its way to her ear!


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Her choice to get permanent body mod wasn't as random as it might seem, as she and her BFFs Ria Atayde and Juan Miguel Severo himself have all gotten piercings as a symbol of their unbreakable bond. 

On the other hand, only time will tell whether Daniel will get one to match, or if he and Kathryn will get totally different piercings for themselves (or tattoos, maybe)!


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One thing's for sure though; we're loving this new, bolder version of Kathryn and we'd love to see where her evolving tastes in fashion will lead her next!



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