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David And Victoria Beckham Just Made Their 6-Year-Old Daughter's Birthday Dreams Come True With The Gift They Gave Her (Clue: It Gallops!) 

Some little girls get dolls, plush toys, a tea set, or coloring books on their 7th birthday. But not Harper Beckham! 



Dancing and having fun in sunshine x kisses from mummy and Harper x ????????

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This tiny tot got a horse—a pedigree pony, complete with top of the line riding gear from Colne Saddlery in Cheltenham and professional riding lessons to match. They'll all be given to Harper on her actual birthday on July 10. How exciting is that? 

Victoria and David made sure that this year's celebration would top Harper's 6th birthday when she lived out yet another one of her fantasies: meeting a real-life princess! 



Last year, the primary schooler found herself in none other than Buckingham Palace where she dressed to the nines and arrived in her blue Princess Elsa costume. Looking totally adorable, Harper and a few school friends were treated to afternoon tea at the official royal residence and entertained by one of the Queen's granddaughters, Princess Eugenie. 

While it might seem that 2017's princess party and this year's £7,000-pound birthday gift are a tad bit excessive, this duo of famous parents had good intentions behind this year's extravagant gesture. 



#internationalwomensday Kisses baby girl from mummy and daddy x

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Not wishing to spoil their daughter—the only girl in a brood that includes brothers Romeo, Cruz, and Brooklyn—the gift was meant to teach her responsibility and the value of following through with her decisions at an early age.

Harper, who first discovered her love for horse riding a few weeks ago when she got her first taste of riding lessons, was said to have badgered her parents for her very own pony. However, before giving in to her request, the ex-singer and football star reportedly sat down with their little girl to explain that a horse, unlike other animal companions, requires a great deal of constant care and commitment. 



They emphasized that although help will be provided to feed and groom her new friend, she'll definitely have to contribute in keeping its surroundings clean and well-maintained—including helping clean out its stable regularly. She was first made to understand that becoming a proud owner of a majestic animal would be a responsibility, and certainly not a hobby that can be tired of eventually. 

For those who have kept up with the Beckhams and know their parenting style, they'll know that this birthday gift is simply them staying true to character; the ever-supportive pair allows their children to pursue their dreams and interests more often than not, but always with a word of caution and a reminder to be responsible about their choices, no matter how big or small. 



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Harper will undoubtedly have the time of her life when she's finally introduced to her very own pony in less than two weeks' time, but we're even more sure that she'll grow up to be a well-rounded young lady in the years down the line with parents like hers by her side.  

Fortunately for Harper, she'll be able to keep an eye on her pony each and every day as her new family country residnce in Costwolds feature in-house stables. 

Advanced happy birthday to you, Harper!



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