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Scenes From The Gender Reveal Party Of Parents-To-Be Dianne Medina And Rodjun Cruz

With balloons, a dance routine, a piñata, and a laptop, this mommy made the absolute most of a home-based celebration—and had tons of fun while she was at it!

First things first—Dianne Medina and Rodjun Cruz are going to be parents to a baby boy!

The first-time parents-to-be announced the news on June 21 via a series of Instagram posts and a YouTube vlog showing their home-based gender reveal party coordinated by NicePrint Photo Intimate and Party Station PH. 

Unable to gather friends and family for the special occasion due to quarantine restrictions, Dianne still found ways to mark the milestone with lots of happiness, energy, and positivity—and boy was it a fun day indeed! It just goes to show that times like this don't require a crowd, or a crazy big venue, or complex production design; all a baby needs is the infinite love and excitement of mom and dad to make things count. 

Armed with a laptop set up for a Zoom call, pink and blue balloons to keep everyone guessing, a piñata to (literally) spill the good news, and a buffet spread and cake to complete the feast, Dianne and Rodjun built the suspense leading up to the big reveal.


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They had a little dance number paired with matching outfits to provide Zoom guests with top-notch party entertainment... 

A teaser to let fans know that something exciting was coming their way...

And finally, a seriously enthusiastic dad-to-be spilling the beans! Making this moment even more special was the fact that Dianne kept their baby's gender a secret from Rodjun this whole time. It was at this party when he found out he was having a boy!

Judging from the looks of the faces on these parents' faces, their afternoon was nothing but a success and everything about it will be worth looking back on for years to come. 

Parents, couples, families, and many others have recently subscribed to this trend of home-based parties to balance keeping safe from COVID-19 while still celebrating special days. Mariel Padilla and Coleen Garcia were two of the first celeb moms to host events this way, and we're sure that more are soon to follow!


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For moms looking for more details and inspiration from Dianne's gender reveal party, she's got you covered.

Her YouTube vlog shows exactly how she and Rodjun along with select suppliers prepared for the day, the essentials you'll need for an at-home celebration, and of course, tips and tricks to make a quarantine-friendly party fun for guests, despite the physical distance.

Here are some of the things worth taking note of:

#1 Don't start without proper sanitation.

All suppliers arrived in full PPE, gloves and masks, while an alcohol dispenser stand and a disinfecting foot mat were placed right outside the front door. You don't want the trade off of a super fun day like this to be a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. 

#2 Have games ready.

And with that, have prizes ready, too. Activities keep guests engaged and paying attention throughout the program and makes the call much more special than a regular catch-up video conference held on any other day. Giveaways definitely help, too!. And as a bonus tip, keep prizes practical and easy to appreciate; Dianne picked food and self-care products for her. 

#3 Get dolled up.

It's a once in a lifetime event, after all, which means there's nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty for the cameras. Despite being an at-home party, Dianne had her hair and makeup done nonetheless.

#4 Share a message.

This is mostly for your baby, when they're all grown up. Rodjun shared a few words, expressing how he felt during the time leading up to this day; he talks about the excitement and the suspense and everything a first-time dad goes through while anticipating his first child. Other dads can do the same to give their children a little extra something to keep returning to when they're all grown up.

Watch the full vlog below!

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Photo from @dianne_medina