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See Them Sizzle! Here Are The Cover Stars Of Metro Magazine's Series Of Digital Covers For #MetroBodyIssue2018

#MetroBodyIssue2018 is all about health, fitness, and the active lifestyle! Metro magazine's digital cover series features some of the hottest bodies right now, who have committed themselves to wellness. 

Meet these "fitspirational" individuals and learn a thing or two from how they stay in tip-top shape:



Bubbles Paraiso



She is the first to admit that how she’s embraced fitness as a lifestyle will seem “insane” for most, so she advises for beginners to take things slow. “If you only have 10 minutes to spare, just move your body—what matters is that you’re consistent. I have this friend who’s been trying to lose weight forever, and she says that she doesn’t have time, but she has time to watch a movie and shop. Why not move instead? It’s about consistency and commitment. Find what works for you and don’t stop.”



Lourd Ramos



“Eat good food—the right food. Drink a little, but not too much. You can party, but don’t stay until the morning. Try to run at least every day; it’s the secret to being youthful. A gallon of water a day is perfect. Be good to yourself.” To sum it up, the formula Lourd follows is quite simple: everything in moderation and keep moving.



Rachel Peters



Even with the awesome feeling that being fit brings about, Rachel faces some challenges sometimes, especially when it comes to eating right. “I still struggle with eating vegetables!” She says, laughing. “So the way I try to combat that is I bought a juicer. I get my nutrients from there. I do two—an orange one, which is half carrot, half orange, with a little bit of ginger. Then I do a green one, which is kale, cucumber, ginger, lemon, and some apples. I’ve learned to really enjoy it.”



Nico Bolzico



At the moment, Nico finds intermittent fasting to be the most effective dietary plan for him. He avoids breakfast, believing that it’s not necessary because “your body isn’t requesting any fuel—you just slept for 8 hours.” He eats within six to eight hours in a day, consuming about 2000 to 3000 calories. “I discovered that it’s better for my body in terms of energy; I don’t have ups and downs in terms of energy. I have a more stable energy amount throughout the day.”



Rhian Ramos



To keep her motivated during a workout session, Rhian advises finding “the longest song that you really enjoy” paired with a three- or five-minute workout that you can do. “It’s just long enough to almost break a sweat,” but short enough that it won’t mess with your daily schedule, especially for those who can’t seem to find the time to exercise because of their busy lifestyles. She insists, “You have no choice not to do it—it’s only three to five minutes!”



Aly Borromeo



Aly warns against being sedentary, as he believes this promotes inflammation in the body which causes diseases. As the manager of Kaya Futbol Club, he is able to train with the team, but when he isn’t playing football, he does Tabata workouts—20 seconds of high intensity workouts interspersed with 10 seconds of rest. He does four sets, with each set lasting four minutes. On his rest days, he focuses on strengthening body parts with max out exercises.



Georgia Schulze del Rosario



To maintain her physique, Georgia works out five days a week, making sure to run for at least 15 to 18 minutes. She follows her run with a 12-minute aero for her waist, with a few light arm weights to add some definition. She prefers to work out in a non-airconditioned room which helps her sweat a lot.



Raymond Gutierrez



Raymond pairs his workouts with the right food. He avoids beef, pork and chicken, but since he’s trying to bulk up, his trainer’s encouraging him to go back to chicken. “I’m enjoying my seafood; my carbs are usually sweet potato or quinoa. I’ll sometimes have rice if it’s part of the dish. I don’t want to be KJ and make it hard for everyone at dinner—I don’t want to be that guest! Whatever’s on the table, I’ll try to adjust. I’m not too hard on myself. I don’t want to deprive myself of the fun stuff, and I know how to burn it the next day. I know how to make a nice balance now. Those little choices that you make on a daily basis really make the big difference.”



Jessy Mendiola



Now at 25, Jessy has found a workout that works for her—Muay Thai. She takes classes thrice a week for about an hour and a half, but when she’s tired, she prefers more low-impact exercises. Her home workout kit comprises a yoga mat, resistance bands, and kettlebells. This variety in her workouts also helps her find the balance between pushing herself and knowing when to rest. “You also have to consider the state of your body,” she says. “You can’t keep on pushing and pushing. You might suddenly freeze on the treadmill."