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Here's What Divine Lee-Go Has To Say About Becoming A First-Time Mom, Plus Never-Before-Seen Photos Of Baby Baz's Arrival

Nothing quite beats the magic of motherhood felt for the first time.


A picture of baby Baz who arrived to parents Divine and Blake early this month 


Divine Lee, who is a successful model and social media influencer, is happily embracing the newest—and perhaps most fulfilling—role life has given her: becoming a mom!

She and her husband Blake Go are in the throes of falling in love with their baby boy Baz who came into this world just a few days ago. The little bundle of joy might be pocket-sized at the moment, but his personality is proving to be a lot bigger than he lets on.

This first-time mom, who recently made headlines for looking dolled up as she was giving birth, shared with Metro.Style what life is like so far now that she and her husband have received a life-changing blessing:


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How does it feel to be first-time parents?

You can’t imagine how excited we are. Even when we were dating, we knew how much we both wanted kids right away. Also, we're first-time parents at 36, so we’re kind of late in the game!


What is the story behind your baby's name?

We named him after Basquiat, the artist, because I'm a big art fan and Blake wanted the nickname "Baz."


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How will you describe Blake as a father so far?

He’s funny. He’s always excited to play with Baz, but he’s only four days old, so he’s mostly sleeping. Sometimes I catch Blake naughtily trying to wake him up so they can play for a few minutes.


What to you is the most challenging thing about being a mother so far?

Everything is new to us! There are instances wherein we still question if we’re doing the right thing (read: was that a burp, or did he just make a sound?/check his nose, is he breathing?). Thank God that we are actually the last of our friends to get married and have a kid. We always have a good support system to ask. 


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Parenting for the first time can be tough, but it's certainly more full of ups than downs. We're sure that Divine and Blake will get the hang of it in no time! 

Check out these never-before-seen photos beautifully captured by SweetEscape during the time the couple welcomed their baby boy:




All images from SweetEscape