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Rock Solid: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Has Officially Been Named The World's Highest Paid Actor—Take A Look Back At His Most Iconic Roles!

This huge hunk of a man with a disarming smile was estimated by Forbes Magazine to be worth $124 million. 




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It's undoubtedly a massive amount of money to take home—but for this fan favorite of an actor, it took years, and even decades of hard work to earn. After all, Dwayne never fails to remind his millions of followers of his humble start.

Beginning his career as a football star that never quite made it, Dwayne just had seven dollars in his wallet at one point in 1995 when he was at his lowest. He had a five dollar and one dollar bill, and some change; he just rounded up the amount to seven. 


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Today, though, he may have closed the door on a sporting career for good, but this 49-year-old and dad of three adorable daughters is enjoying a (very) lucrative career in a totally different place: Hollywood. 

He got his life back on track as a professional wrestler who won fans over not only with his daring movies and theatrics in the ring, but also with a magnetic personality that, ironically, made him extremely likable despite his tough guy facade. Hollywood soon picked up on his charm and growing popularity, often casting him in films and TV roles that helped form the onscreen persona people love him for today.

The rest, as they say, is history. 


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When the news of his financial success broke, this action star with a big heart quickly acknowledged the honor and sent out thank yous to those who helped him along the way. Talking to Forbes about his journey to the top, this multi-faceted entertainer credits his impeccable work ethic, unwavering dedication to putting his fans first, and his mastery of social media—the last of which proved the most impactful in his financial gains. 

Take one look at his social media accounts; he's got 108 million followers on Instagram and another 12.7 million on Twitter and millions more on Facebook. Leveraging on his online presence, Dwayne explained that it's become his free marketing tool and most efficient method to reach a wide audience. Coupling that with his many personal invitations to watch his films, occasional words of wisdom, tons of his behind-the-scenes posts of his projects, and paid post opportunities, he developed a winning formula of money-making success. 



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Being named Forbes' top paid actor for 2018 isn't a first for Dwayne either; he first earned the title in 2016. He slipped to the second spot in 2017 (losing it to Mark Wahlberg), but reclaimed it this year. 

To date, he's got 116 acting credits to his name, beginning from his first TV appearance in 1996. Looking back at his career that's made him a household name, we choose some of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's best silver screen titles that propelled him to infinite success.


The Scorpion King

The CGI was far from impressive, but with a villain as threatening as The Rock as a gigantic half human-half arachnid, it was forgiveable, and very much still enjoyable. 




Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle

90s kids who grew up with the Robin Williams cult classic were excited to see another one of the decade's icons reboot the beloved film. And he succeeded! His chemistry with his equally charming co-stars made this movie a box-office sensation and kept the Jumanji legend alive for kids of this generation. 





The Rock's energy is so electric that audiences don't even need to see him onscreen to be captivated by him; his voice acting in award-winning Moana was superb and appealed to kids and adults alike! It was also a great opportunity to showcase his awesome comedic timing. 




The Fast and the Furious 6

This list can't be complete with an action film. Joining the cast that made The Fast and the Furious franchise a legend, The Rock was a welcome addition to this band of merry men and women with an insatiable need for speed. (He's been in more than one Fast and Furious, but the series' sixth installment is considered to be the fan favorite, so far). 




Tooth Fairy

He's a tough dude, but on the inside, The Rock is definitely made of marshmallows. It's the only way that a guy like him could have pulled off this family film that's more for kids' laughs than the adults' inside jokes. Nonetheless, it was cute and heartwarming in ways that only The Rock himself could have achieved. 





Now, something for the grown-ups! Flexing every muscle in his body, The Rock was definitely in his element in this comedy reboot of the once Pamela Anderson-fueled pop culture masterpiece. Running around shirtless in beaches, exchanging hilarious jokes with the equally hadsome Zac Efron, and sharing words of wisdom with the kids in this film were all right up his alley.



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