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EXCLUSIVE: Here Are Easy-To-Do Beauty Tips We Should All Follow Now From Beauty Queen Kris Janson

It’s been five years since Kris Janson represented the Philippines in Germany at the Miss Intercontinental stage, but the impact this finance analyst has had as a beauty queen remains to this day. Ever since she brought pride to the Philippines after being named Miss Intercontinental 2014 2nd Runner-Up, she’s been wearing an invisible crown on her head and continuously winning in life while pursuing things she’s passionate about.


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A quick look at her Instagram profile will show how she lives with la dolce vita—the Italian saying encapsulates “the sweet life,” which Kris has been embracing. Aside from work, her social media presence focuses on her interests: beauty, food, and travels. She continues to model for commercials, fashion shows, and has had TV guestings as well. She loves going on food trips—trying out street food in Hong Kong, finishing a bowl of ramen in Osaka, and even indulging in empanada in Ilocos Sur. She’s a jet-setter, too, having traveled to countries like South Korea, Netherlands, Japan, France, Egypt, United Kingdom, and United States.



But if there’s anything easily noticeable with Kris’ online posts—one that no amount of filter can create or replicate—it would have to be her signature “smize” and smile so wide it makes you smile too. As Kris points out, “Smiling uses more muscles but takes less effort than frowning.”

For many, smile is one of the best yet most underrated beauty secrets—it’s easy, really, but can sometimes seem so hard to do. “I do have my moments when I just want to stay at home then watch all the K-drama I can find,” Kris shares. When she needs some motivation after having started a day on a bad note, this is what she does: “I have my moments when I wake up, get ready for the day, and look at myself in the mirror and just appreciate myself: ‘Oh, you look good today. You’re stunning; you’re a standout!’ I actually say that to myself and it really does make a lot of difference because it brightens up your day.”


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Owning one’s strengths, for Kris, is an expression of beauty. She thinks a woman who is proud of her beauty, and what she has to offer the world is a woman at her most beautiful. “She allows her beauty and confidence to not only help her achieve her goals, but also inspire those around her,” Kris says of her idea of a truly beautiful and empowered woman.



The beauty she exudes is something rooted from deep inside her. It’s her attitude of gratitude and overall wellness that can be credited for her confident façade. As for her skin, it’s all thanks to d-Alpha Tocopherol (Myra E). As someone who’s been bitten by the travel bug, Kris knows exactly what she needs to bring for a trip, saying, “When I travel, I always bring four things with me—my phone, my travel planner, a face mask, and d-Alpha Tocopherol (Myra E) to keep my skin healthy from within.”

Kris also exerts an effort to stick to a daytime and nighttime routine. “I usually start my day with coffee, and I drink vitamins just to help give me the energy I need for the day,” she shares. “But my no. 1 beauty tip is, before you wash your face at night, kahit wala kang makeup, you have to put oil or makeup remover before washing it, because there will always be dirt. We’re always exposed to dust, and that’s the reason we have clogged pores. Cleanse your face before washing it.”






It boils down to embracing what you have and being proud of yourself, no matter what. Kris worked on both her physical and emotional health—doing what she can, working with what she has, and achieving amazing results in the process. She emphasizes, “I have always believed that if you don’t tell yourself you’re beautiful, who else will?”


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