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EXCLUSIVE: Metro.Style Cover Star Elisse Joson On Finding Beauty In Imperfections

Vivo ambassadress Elisse Joson's second Metro.Style digital cover 


In the entertainment industry, there’s always pressure to be perfect, which is made even harder with the presence of social media. 

“There’s really a phase as an actress that you go through the pressure of being perfect, especially because everyone around you seems to be perfect. There are days when you are hard on yourself, because you want to be perfect and please people,” she enthuses.

“But for me, I cannot fulfil my heart when I am trying to be perfect. Every day, the more I realize that the more I stay true about myself and the more I care less about what other people would say, that’s when I really feel fulfilment and happiness within myself.” 


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Young as she may be, she has learned the perfect way to stay true to herself in an industry often filled with lies and ugly truths. 

“My biggest realization about myself is that, I am learning that what some people want to see in me is not always what I want to do. Being in the industry gives you the chance to inspire no matter who you are. Even if you are not qualified as what the society deems the ‘perfect image’ for you, even if you are not perfect; there’s always someone out there who can still be inspired by you and what you are going through—flaws and all,” she says.

“You can always inspire someone by showing the real you. And honestly, I am still just learning to love myself, so I can freely express myself more and inspire others. I am in that process still, of learning to love and express myself more. But every day, I learn that,  in order to inspire others, you have to work for it, too, because you have to start within you by loving yourself first.” 

Perfection for Elisse is being authentic and real—true to who you really are.


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Elisse Joson holds the new Vivo X21, Vivo's newest high-end model that features the latest in-display fingerprint scanning technology | Elisse's sexy and edgy beauty looks (Photos from @mkqua)


Photography by Seven Barretto

Creative Direction by Eldzs Mejia

Makeup by Qua

Hairstyling by Aries Manal

Styling by Randz Manucom

Nails by Extraordinail

Shot on location at Casa Juico