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EXCLUSIVE: Metro.Style Cover Star Elisse Joson On How To Nail That Selfie, That Instagram Grid, And That Vlog

Vivo ambassadress Elisse Joson's third Metro.Style cover


Young actress Elisse Joson is featured on the three-cover special of Metro.Style, where she talked about taking things one at a time, her humble beginnings in showbiz, and her idea of perfection. Here, the beautiful and talented lady shares her thoughts on the things that help make her a social media star. 


On taking the perfect selfie:

“The most important factor in a selfie is good lighting. I love taking outdoor selfies, with natural lighting. Natural lighting is even better during 4-5pm. You also have to consider angles. You have to know for yourself which side you look better in. We all have our own angles that work for us, so take advantage of that. When you edit your photos, you have to consider your personality.”

Elisse’s Vivo X21 phone is perfect for taking selfies, because it comes with the AI Face Beauty feature, which tailors facial enhancement effects to each individual. This means clear, naturally dazzling results that enhance one’s unique beauty.


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On having the perfect Instagram grid:

“I am very particular with my Instagram grid. Sometimes you have to post stuff that is more work-related, and it is hard to do ways to make it look good with the look of your Instagram. Before, my Instagram is all about photos with big spaces at the back and are mostly bright and white. Because I have also evolved as a person, you can see that in my IG grid to. I can see myself as stronger and braver now. So I tone down on brightness, so I am more into neutrals these days. Know yourself first, so your Instagram grid can correctly represent that.”

For taking perfect shots, Elisse loves the new Vivo X21 which has a Dual Rear Camera. With Dual Pixel Sensors, the X21 camera has an incredible 24 million photographic units. This feature creates clear and vivid pictures with artistic qualities even in backlight or low-light situations.


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On having the perfect vlog:

“As a vlogger, content is really important. Whatever it is that you are passionate about, I think that’s what you can vlog about and share to your viewers, and not just go with trends. Like for example, you’d do makeup tutorials but in reality you’re not into it, then it will be hard for you. So my advice is, create content that speaks of your passion. If you love to travel, then do a travel vlog and if you’re a fashionista, then do a style vlog. Because not only will it be easy and natural for you, but you can also curate great content. Use great gadgets, too. Personally, I love Vivo V9, because I love taking photos. Vivo phones have features that work well with selfie-lovers like me. I love its camera, and it also has a beauty tool which make you look fresh and pretty always. I love taking photos and posting selfies, so I love its features. ”

For vloggers like Elisse, it’s important to be able to capture fleeting moments. Doing so will be easy when you have a high-end smartphone, like Vivo X21, on hand. This newest high-end offering from Vivo has an In-Display Fingerprint Scanning feature, which brings the user one step closer to the perfect FullViewTM. With the fingerprint pad embedded in the screen, all it takes is one touch to activate your digital life hub in fast, futuristic style.


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On the idea of perfect beauty:

“Whenever I do my makeup, or if a makeup artist is doing my makeup, I always say, just skin. Just very light foundation. Light makeup brings out your real beauty more. I do not have a strict skincare routine that I religiously follow. The key for me is to just keep your skin clean before you go to sleep. After you remove your makeup, it is still not enough so you really have to wash your face with the cleanser that works well for your skin type. Then use toner that works for you, too. For everyday OOTD, I like to wear simple stuff with a touch of girliness. Even if I am just wearing jeans and shirt, I would pair it with ballet flats or feminine accessories. My style is, there’s always something girly and feminine in my OOTD. I describe my personal fashion sense as very feminine and laidback. It may be cliché to say that confidence is what makes a woman beautiful, but it is really true. Confidence makes a woman shine. And aside from that, your inner self. A woman shines more when she has a kind heart. What are you gonna do with a pretty face if your inner self is not kind?”



Elisse holds the new Vivo X21 smartphone that has a Dual Rear camera laced with AI technology; it captures professional-looking photos that rival outputs from a DSLR camera / Elisse's romantic beauty looks (Photos from @mkqua)


Photography by Seven Barretto

Creative Direction by Eldzs Mejia

Makeup by Qua

Hairstyling by Aries Manal

Styling by Randz Manucom

Nails by Extraordinail

Shot on location at Casa Juico