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Elmo Magalona And Janella Salvador Share The Times They Have Given Each Other A Sweet Surprise

Valentine’s Day may be over, but love can still be felt in the air. Many are still on a sugar high, what with all the sweet gestures people had done for that special day.

One of the celebrity love teams that had a memorable V-day was ElNella. Not only did V-Day mark the premiere of their first big screen project together, My Fairy Tail Love Story, it also gave Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador yet another reason to have a romantic memory to treasure.



?? MY FAIRY TAIL LOVE STORY ?? Swimming to cinemas, on 02.14.18

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Their film tells the story of Chantel (Janella), who was cursed to be a mermaid after she disturbs sea corals. To break the spell, she needs to experience (what else but) true love’s kiss with the help of her best friend Noah (Elmo). It may sound like your typical mermaid story, but the love team assures that this light, feel-good project is the type to make people believe in love.

Metro.Style caught up with these two at the recent Cadbury Love Out Loud event, where they spilled how they surprise each other and make one another feel loved, Valentine’s Day or not.



Tomorrow is a big day. We got this, Elmeow. ???

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1. Special Nicknames. Elmo shares that he calls his love team partner Kitty. “She reminds me of cats, and she loves cats,” he says. And so Janella thought of a wittier pet name for Elmo: Meow. “Because it’s El-meow,” she shares, laughing.

2. To Paris, With Love. Given a chance to surprise Janella in the boldest way possible, Elmo says, “I’d take her to Paris and just spend one day there together.” Well, now that he said it out loud, Janella and their fans will just have to wait for when Elmo will surprise her with that, or something as grand as that, hopefully in the near future.

3. Last Year’s Heart’s Day. Elmo prepared a Valentine's dinner at Janella's house last year, because the actress was sick at the time.

4. Birthday Surprises! This surprise happened after shooting one of the scenes for their movie. As Janella was heading home, Elmo gathered her family and friends to surprise her at home. Janella also had a surprise prepared for him on his birthday. “On my birthday, she was on Skype with me and I thought she was just at home,” Elmo recalls. She brought her bed comforter with her in the car as she drove to Elmo’s place, so he wouldn’t suspect. And by the time his mom asked him to go downstairs, Janella and their friends were already there. Sweet!

5. V-Day This Year. The two are busy promoting their movie for Valentine’s Day, so imagine how surprised Janella was when Elmo had the time to come up with a dinner date on a rooftop, filled with heart balloons and rose petals. ElNella took to Instagram to share their romantic time on V-Day night. "I wish I could have planned a better Valentine's Day celebration for us but this is all I could come up with today" is Elmo’s message to his partner, to which Janella responds, captioning her post with, “There is nothing to feel sorry about, Meow, because you just gave me the best date ever and I am the happiest girl.”


Photo from @superjanella