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ICYMI: The Most Talked-About Moments And People From The 2018 Emmy Awards

Hollywood awards shows are rarely just about the films, programs, and the individuals that star in them; they're as much about the moments, both good and bad, that happen throughout the evening, and the host of interesting characters responsible for them. 



Time to roll out the gold carpet! Stay tuned for the best l??ks at the #Emmys...

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When it comes to the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards—television's most awaited night—boy oh boy were there moments to talk about, indeed! This year's edition was packed with tons of side events that set fire to the Internet and blew our minds.


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For each of them that we're highlighting here, we'll leave it up to you to decide whether they're groundbreaking and applause-worthy or, on the other hand, cringe-worthy and deserving to be immediately forgotten. 



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Diversity, care of the Saturday Night Live cast 

Forget socially relevant speeches that address the elephant in the room (read: Oprah at the Golden Globes addressing #MeToo, or Frances McDormand's gender equality moment at the Oscars); the Emmys decided to set the tone with a self-deprecating opening number performed by some of SNL's biggest names and a number of other famous faces that focused (the lack of) diversity in Hollywood. 

The ensemble cast sang and dance to ironic lyrics that proudly exclaimed "We solved it," referring to the entertainment industry's longstanding issue of excluding non-white actors and actresses, directors, producers and whatnot from its innermost circle. 




A wedding proposal, care of Glenn Weiss

Asking the girl of their dreams to marry them causes enough anxiety for most men, so we can't imagine what might have prompted director Glenn Weiss to pop the question onstage with a massive Hollywood audience in the room (and even more people watching the ceremony at home). She said yes, by the way, and their super sweet moment was met with loud applause, giving this Emmy winner two reasons to be over the moon that night. 


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A fashion statement, care of Jenifer Lewis 

Black-ish's Jenifer Lewis defied expectations when she walked in the red carpet in a casual Nike-dominated ensemble. There were no high heels, frilly gowns, and daintiness of any sort for this gal, but lest you assume that she was making a statement by not making a statement just for the heck of it, think again.


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The outfit was a nod to African-American football star Colin Kaepernick, who was recently embroiled in controversy for refusing to stand during the National Anthem played at a game. (The athlete believes that his country and its current administration have not been true to what the anthem stands for). 




Big wins for women, care of Rachel Brosnahan and Amy Sherman-Palladino 

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel's leading lady Rachel and director-writer Amy wowed everyone when they won three out of the five awards that their series brought home. While there's enough reason to be impressed by those numbers alone, what makes it even better is the fact that these women were awarded for making it big in comedy—a genre long dominated by men since all 12 channels on a TV were still being aired in black and white. 

Amy in particular made history by becoming the first woman to win Emmy awards for directing and writing in one night. 


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The hosting, care of Michael Che and Colin Jost

Hosts make or break any televised event, but more so in a Hollywood-centric production. Stand-up comedians turned formal occasion emcees have historically done well in this setting, but unfortunately, the law of averages took over when SNL Weekend Update anchors Michael Che and Colin Jost signed up for the job.

The usually hilarious duo's comedic style of deadpan delivery and snarky commentary didn't seem like it was enough to entertain an auditorium of people expecting to be splitting their sides with quickfire jokes.


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A true star's recognition, care of Betty White

She's 96 years old, appeared on TV way before the first Emmys even aired in 1949, and was honored in a special segment at the Emmys that highlighted her decades' worth of work in show business.

Original funny woman Betty has literally been in the entertainment industry for as long as it's been around, but this generation will likely recognize her for her roles and appearances in My Name Is Earl, Ugly Betty, The Proposal, Malcom in the Middle, and 30 Rock. 


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An out-there political statement, care of Ryan Murphy

One of the most common observations about the Emmys was its lack of political undertones. For a Hollywood awards season that's been defined by the #MeToo movement, this production was starkly quiet about politics—that is, until director Ryan Murphy took the stage to receive his award. He minced no words when he not so subtly spoke against the current US administration, specifically referencing its stance on hate crime laws and homophobia. 


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An epic (off-screen) clapback, care of Chrissy Teigen

Television personality / model Chrissy Teigen and wife to singing sensation John Legend made headlines when she bravely acknowledged a body shamer on Twitter. In a now-deleted tweet, the said shamer wondered out loud if Chrissy was pregnant again, implying that her weight and curviness were due to another round of child-bearing. Chrissy didn't exactly fight back (she had her legion of fans to do that for her), but she did post her own version of a clapback that simply read "breathe, Chrissy."

The classy mommy managed to keep her composure while not feeding the Internet trolls. 



Date night at the #Emmys.

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