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Erich Gonzales Continues to ‘Blossom’ After 14 Years In Showbiz

With years of experience in showbiz, it’s really not surprising as to why Erich Gonzales is one of the most sought-after celebrities of her generation. In fact, just recently, she renewed her contract with ABS-CBN—and we all know what that means: we’ll continue seeing her on-screen in the next few years.



Long hair for today’s shoot ?

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In 2004, Erich was first discovered through Star Circle Quest where she emerged as the winner for its second season. Since then, she has spent all her days under the spotlight and in front of cameras.



2014 is on its way and the possibilities are endless. Happy New Year! ??

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Fast forward to 14 years later, Erich is still one of the brightest stars. Truth be told, not everyone lasts long in showbiz, but with such talent and dedication (plus a good heart and beauty), she continues to receive the support that she rightfully deserves



Through the years, we have seen Erich ‘blossom’ right before our eyes— and this year is no different. This 2018, she’s marking her 14th year in the industry and celebrating her 10th year anniversary with Aficionado - a perfume brand Filipinos have grown to love



Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. Notice them ?

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It was back in 2008 when Erich started working with the perfume brand for its celebrity line. Tagged as Erich EDT, the scent reflects Erich’s aura: relaxed, lively, and positive. This special fragrance for women is inspired by the bene?ts of aromatherapy; it has a combination of citrus and floral bloom accords that makes every woman feel sophisticated and confident.



Thank you for the photo, Johnny ?

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Erich EDT Perfume is one of the brand’s top celebrity scents. By now, you probably have a good idea as to why!




Photography by Seven Barretto

Creative direction by Chookie Cruz

Makeup by RB Chanco

Hairstyling by Jaymar Lahaylahay

Styling by Kim & Boop Yap