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EXCLUSIVE: "Spontaneity Is The Best Kind Of Adventure"—Erich Gonzales Shares Her Travel Tips


"I've learned that it is also important to have a balanced life, to have a life outside showbiz," Metro.Style cover girl and Metro magazine's ABS-CBN Ball best-dressed lady Erich Gonzales says. After 14 years of being part of this industry whose demands can extend even to one's personal time, Erich has realized that while her career is important, personal fulfillment must never be forgotten, too. 

As much as she loves her craft and wants to improve in it every way possible, she also knows that there's a bigger world out there that she's raring to explore. Whenever her schedule permits, she makes sure to maximize her vacation time and give in to her wanderlust. 


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On Erich: Green gown by Anthony Ramirez



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Erich has been to a lot of places this year, whether it's a trip squeezed in after a showbiz commitment or a birthday treat for herself. She considers traveling as an essential part of her lifestyle. As she perfectly puts it, "Live for the moments you can't put into words." Whether she finds herself lounging by the beach, hiking a mountain, frolicking in a field, or walking in the urban jungle, every experience teaches her something new about love, life, and living.   




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In this exclusive interview with Metro.Style, Erich talks about her travel must-haves and practical tips:


You've been traveling a lot. What else are the places on your bucket list? 

A lot! But I really want to go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights.


Are you a light or heavy packer?

As much as I want to travel light, I can't. I'm a heavy packer. I don’t want to forget anything, so I end up bringing everything.


Do you pack ahead or are you the type to do last-minute packing?

It depends. Sometimes I pack ahead, but if I am on a tight schedule, I also do last-minute packing.


What packing tips can you share?

For me, it's better to always have extra clothes. It might be weird for others, but I always bring my own towel, own pillowcase, and sometimes own blanket when I travel.


Summer or winter?

Winter. I love the cold weather.


What has been your most favorite country or city so far?

So far, New Zealand.


Are you the type to be very particular with itinerary, or are you okay with spontaneity when it comes to trips? 

Spontaneity is the best kind of adventure. It doesn’t hurt if you plan ahead but the most memorable trips I had were always unplanned.



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