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Everything You Need To Know About The 2018 SAG Awards Host, Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is about to make history—and what the year for women, 2018, is shaping up to be! 



The actresss, who rose to fame as spirited teen private investigator Veronica Mars, will be hosting the 2018 Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards this Sunday. The awards show has previously relied on an off-stage emcee to introduce presenters who then announced nominees and winners. 



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This year, Kristen won't just be the award show's first female host, but its first-ever host in its 24-year history. The decision was a response to Hollywood's major fallout with its female stars, and was intended to send the message that the time for women to shine and be heard is right now. 



Kristen, who considers herself a feminist, shares the same sentiments as Golden Globes host Seth Meyers: while Hollywood's issues of sexual abuse and harassment are, by all means, serious matters that need to be addressed, that shouldn't overshadow the fact that award shows are still celebrations of the film industry's talents. Alongside other ceremonies, the SAG awards are meant to honor the people who have used their talent for good. The party is for the good folks, and in no way are the wrongdoers taking the fun away from the people—male and female—who deserve it.  



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The mother of two has also said that the evening will be a celebration of women, pointing out that all presentors will be women. Halle Berry, Dakota Fanning, Lupita Nyong’o, Emma Stone, Olivia Munn, Maya Rudolph, and SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris, among others, are set to go up on stage with Kristen. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she adds, "[The SAG Awards] is the place to celebrate people who deserve to be celebrated. And acknowledged. And empowered. The boys are definitely invited, but it will be a ladies’ night."



The 37-year-old known for her razor-sharp quips and quirky sense of humor has admitted to being nervous about the gig, but also added that she hopes she'll be able to bring a sense of joy and lightness during a time when the industry is recovering from a rude awakening. 



She's hinted at the kind of jokes and monologues she'll be making, and as someone who can say, "My genitalia is irrelevant. It’s not the first female host. It's the first host. I thought that was kinda cool," during her Jimmy Kimmel Live!  interview without flinching, her audience can expect only the funniest from her. She says she knows she's not going to please everyone with what she has to say, but hopes she can still make a person or two smile. 



Overall, the quick-witted beauty is confident that she'll ace this groundbreaking event. She's worked with many of the actors and actresses attending the 2018 SAG Awards, many of whom are her good friends, so she knows she'll be in good company. She ends with the thought that she's definitely proud to be hosting the event, but at the same time, is still waiting to be nominated for a SAG Award herself. 



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The SAG Awards are thought to have the most accurate predictions of Oscar winners, noting that many actors, actresses, and directors who win during this night go on to bag major titles at the Academy Awards. Film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and TV series Big Little Lies are two of the night's biggest contenders. Morgan Freeman will be presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award. 

The 24th SAG Awards is scheduled to take place on January 21, Sunday. 

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