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Exclusive: Anne Curtis On Handling Guns And Doing Her Own Stunts For "Buy Bust"

Anne Curtis has played a mermaid and a mistress, and seemingly everything in between, and now a Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) officer in her upcoming movie, Erik Matti’s Buy Bust that is poised to make her a bonafide action star.



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“I’ve always wanted to do an action film, but a script has never fallen into my lap, so I was really thrilled when Buy Bust happened. First it was described to me—about a PDEA officer going into the slums, where it’s just an eskinita, and the whole squad goes in, and they get caught. There’s one way in, one way out. I read the script, and wanted it right away,” Anne shares.

Anne cut her long locks for the role, and that wasn’t the only drastic thing she had to undergo. “I went full blown. When I first met Direk Erik Matti, he was like, are you willing to do your own stunts. I said yes, that I want to do my own stunts. He asked if I was willing to train, and so I went into Pekiti Tirsia Kali; it’s a Filipino martial art that includes blades, and close quarter combat.” It was in Scout Ranger Training School wherein she learned how to handle guns, run with 12 kilos of weight, among other grueling tasks.



It took 50 days to shoot, and were done under heavy rain, in an 800-square meter set built especially for the movie. “We would always have one or two PDEA officers on set, so they can correct our language, tell us what they would or wouldn’t do if they were in an actual buy bust. Brandon Vera was amazing to work with, and the full cast was great to work with. You see Brandon do his fight scenes and you’re just like, whoa. You see, sometimes I feel the stuntmen were scared to go against a pro, right?” 



Day 3. BuyBust. We shot for almost 24 hours yesterday with The Special Forces Regiment, Philippine Army. A shoot I'll never forget. It was very tiring but WHAT. AN. EXPERIENCE. My body is in extreme pain but it was all worth it. So grateful to be given this opportunity. Maraming Salamat sa lahat ng mga sundalo, babae at lalaki, na nakasama namin kahapon. Salamat po sa guidance, skill at advice na naibahagi nyo sa amin. Hindi ko makakalimutan lahat ng mga kwentuhan natin na hanggang madaling araw. Sana makabalik ako to train with all of you again! Wearing the t-shirt you gave me with pride today on Showtime. Maraming Salamat po. I witnessed and learnt first hand all the training you endure to be the best to protect and serve your fellow countrymen and country. Init, pagod, walang tulog at malayo sa pamilya. Saludo po ako sa inyong lahat! ???? • • • Thank you Direk @erikmatti • @dondonmonteverde • #BuyBust

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Anne, as she said, really went all out with the movie and did her stunts. “First shooting day, I got punched in the mouth. I had a black and blue here,“ Anne says, pointing to the upper left corner of her lip. Another injury was when we did this one continuous shot, and it goes from starting at the bottom on ground, then jumping up on a roof and doing fight scenes on the roof. Because it was shot in rain, we had sandpaper in the really slippery areas. When I flipped the guy, I slipped, and my knee landed on the sandpaper, so all these scars. Straight after Showtime, we’d start shooting at 5 pm, and finish by 5:30 am or 6, or until the sun was up.”




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All injuries were worth it, says Anne, and whenever she would come home, her then boyfriend now husband Erwan Heussaff would see her beat up and bruised. “He’d just be like ‘aww wawa’, but you know what, when he saw the trailers, he’s just like whoa, I can’t wait to see this film of yours. And even some of his friends, when they saw the teaser when it came out, they texted him, like ‘dude now we know why you don’t come out at night!’”




Part 2. "We made this short right before we started our full production of BuyBust. This is nowhere near what we have done for the movie in terms of the difficulty and scale of what our actors have to go through. . We could not have done this movie if Anne was not our actor on this. Anne Curtis had the patience, the will, the stamina and above all the right attitude to do all the physical and emotional demands of this film. If it was any other actor in this industry, they would have either given up midway into filming or have started bitching around 3months into the rehearsals. . This short is a testament to the kind of committment I got from Anne and the rest of the cast and crew. We’re excited to show you what we’ve got in the entire film!" - @erikmatti . #BuyBust

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While there’s no definite schedule yet as to the showing of the film (it was sent in to the last Metro Manila Film Festival to be considered as part of the roster, but was not chosen), Anne says to keep an eye out for it. “I think when you guys see it, you’ll see just how much work went into it. Everything was so worth it.”


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