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EXCLUSIVE: Iza Calzado Shares The Best Love Lessons She Learned From Fiancé Ben Wintle



"There were so many people getting married, and I didn’t want to get married just because. I think it even pushed me to delay the marriage more, because I wanted to prove a point that I could get married later, and still be okay. And I’m so glad he waited.” #IzaCalzado (@missizacalzado) pours her heart out to #MetroWeddings about how to handle societal pressures to get married, and tells us to not rush, and not obsess. All this and more in the latest issue of Metro Weddings Magazine. #MetroWeddingsLovesIza Metro Weddings Magazine is bundled with the @metromagph October issue featuring #MaymayEntrata on the cover. Don't forget to grab a copy! Produced by @kate_paras and @camillesantiago Photography @sevenbarrettophoto for Studio 7 Manila Story @maitadejesus Makeup @lalaflores16 Hair @nantealingasa Styling @ryujishiomitsu and @carlostomawis Assisted by Kacey Miave Shot on location at @shangrilafort. Special thanks to @beatnikinblack and @iambenarnold Iza wears a @bernard_escalona gown

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We sure are counting down the days before the beautiful Iza Calzado finally walks down the aisle in her white dress, to wed the love of her life, entrepreneur Ben Wintle!

In the latest issue of Metro Weddings Magazine, Iza not only recounts the fateful night she met Ben, but also shares some of the most intimate, and awe-inspiring facets of their relationship. We were lucky to sit down with Iza herself, and she was more than happy to indulge us with the most touching anecdotes about their love story.

Here, she shares the best love lessons she learned from Ben, her fiancé. What she has to say opened our eyes to a lot of relationship nuggets of gold we're taking with us from now on:


Gown, Bernard Escalona


1. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

“He was testing my patience the other day, and normally I wouldn’t stop nagging. So I said to myself, ‘Pull back, I can’t do anything. I’m just creating more stress.’” 


2. Speak up, don’t nag.

“The more you yak, the more naiinis yung kabila—they’ll tune you out. So the other day when we were running late, I said, ‘Please give me props for being very patient with you. Did you notice?’ And he said he did notice, and it worked! Mas narinig niya ako!”


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3. Relationships are more than simply passion.

“Ben has taught me that passion is not the marker of a relationship or of love. If you quit every time the flame mellows down, it doesn’t mean that it’s gone. It can’t be that strong or intense all the time. There are things that you will have to both do from both ends to keep it burning, and that he did.”


Iza wears a Vera Wang gown in lead photo.

Produced by Kate Paras-Santiago and Camille Santiago
Cover Story & Interview Maita de Jesus
Photography Seven Barretto for Studio 7 manila  
Assisted by Pierre Guevarra
Makeup Lala Flores
Hair Nante Alingasa
Styling Ryuji Shiomitsu and Carlos Tomawis
Assisted by Kacey Miave
Shot on location at Shangri-La at the Fort
Special thanks to Sam Gallardo and Benjamin Arnold