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EXCLUSIVE: Jasmine Curtis-Smith On Sisterhood, Style, And Well-Kept Secrets


Jasmine Curtis-Smith is her own woman. 

At 24 years old, the actress and model on the rise has got her eyes on the prize; success has always been within her reach and at this moment, she's ready to claim it. Her take-charge attitude is what makes her a leading lady; this beauty knows all too well that to make it, one has to earn it, and earn top awards she has.


EXCLUSIVE: The Curtis-Smiths—Anne and Jasmine Are The Ultimate Style Sisters


For her groundbreaking work in last year's Paul Soriano-directed Siargao, Jasmine bagged the Best Actress in a Supporting Role award at the Metro Manila Film Festival and Film Academy of the Philippines’ 36th Luna Awards. She's since been transformed into a cover girl for numerous magazines including Metro Society's Luxury Issue and Metro's March summer issue, tapped to endorse and model for top brands, and has begun working on the next big silver screen projects to watch out for. 

Jasmine's older sister Anne who shares her focus, drive, and effortless confidence couldn't have been prouder of her, and together, they make up two of the industry's most sought-after duos, winning hearts over with an endless list of qualities to admire.


EXCLUSIVE: Quotes From Anne Curtis To Inspire You To Be Your Most Stylish Self Today


This month, Jasmine and Anne grace Metro.Style's cover and headline an exclusive feature, giving you an intimate look at their relationship as sisters and what it's like to be style icons on the rise. 

Here, Jasmine divulges their thoughts on fashion, each other, and life itself: 



By just being themselves, these sisters embody what a fashion-forward woman really is: she's a leader rather than a follower, a setter rather than an observer, but both in the stylishness of appearances and in the goodness of hearts. Full story of @annecurtissmith and @jascurtissmith at the link our bio! . . Photography by @markednicdao Creative direction by @theonlychookiecruz Sittings editors @kate_paras and @_judyarias Text by @saraloopdeloop Set Styling by @flourishandfrills Fashion Styling by @danaevernisse for Stylized Studio, Assisted by @aiatabuzo Makeup by @robbiepinera (Anne), @johnpagadu (Jasmine) Hair by @santiagoraymond (Anne), @kierlovelasco (Jasmine) Video producer @joknutsss Videography by @berwincoroza, assisted by @gironism Shoot assistant @caragt Special thanks to @betchayvidanes, Warren Dimen, Francis Simeon, Michelle Nunez, Greenwich and The Butterhalf

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Jasmine on her sense of style

"My sense of style is quite lazy, comfortable. I avoid anything too trendy; I stick to the wearable. I’m more RTW!"


Jasmine on Anne being a style icon

"Anne has been known in the industry to be one of the most fashionable. I just borrow my clothes from her, because I know that they already work! I just copy from her, and I don’t borrow something that she hasn’t worn yet. That’s golden rule number one."


Jasmine on being confident

"Be confident. It’s your style, so wear it with confidence. Once you feel the doubt, everyone else will,  too. That’s something I felt and understood not just with fashion but also with yourself—how you carry yourself in general."



Jasmine on her best fashion purchase to date

"I discovered a camisole—it’s not exactly fashionable, but it’s practical and I need it for work! I bought six of them in black, blue, white, nude. It’s a cami with a built-in sports bra. That’s my must-have right now, not a Chanel belt or anything like that! That’s the stuff that really excites me!"


Jasmine on dressing up

"When I’m at home and I dress up, and my boyfriend Jeff notices. Usually he’s very, ‘Okay, we’re good, we’re dressed, we can go.’ But when I step out of the car and he turns and he says, ‘Babe, you look good!’ Or when ate says she likes my outfit. I tell them, ‘Really? What did I do, let me know so I can do it again!’ They like me in dresses, but I don’t like me in dresses. That’s the struggle."


Jasmine on her favorite outfit of Anne's

"Anne’s wedding gown. It was just so beautiful, and it was also inspired by mom’s old wedding gown. It’s the lineage there that was nice to keep, and its history."



Jasmine on her improving relationship with Anne

"There’s less pressure as a younger sister now. Everyone gives me that space now, where even though I’m the younger sister, I’m also my own person. Before, the pressure from people would get to me and would hinder me from trying more with her and feeling at ease with her. Everyone banked on that so much so I shied away from bonding with her. It’s easier now, we’re more open, and I’m more open with her. I don’t hide things from her anymore."


Jasmine on her best memories of life in Australia

"Every day—being with my friends every day at school. I really enjoyed school. It was so precious to me to have a group of people who experienced things together, discovered things with you together... It was a different feeling to be around lots of people who go through the same things as you."


Jasmine on staying fit and healthy

"Just household chores! I don’t have house help, but I do all my lifting of laundry and I walk the dogs. Using the staircase at home is my cardio everyday!"



Jasmine on her favorite things about Anne

"She’s protective. That’s my most and least favorite thing about her. She’s more malambing and more thoughtful. When she wants to give you something, she’ll really think of a way to craft it, make it more personal. I’m malambing also, but I’m just not showy."


Jasmine on her skincare routine

"The thing with me is I am so lazy! But I got a care package recently where it has toner, eye cream, a pod that you pop and spread all over your face, and a serum—four steps, so it’s not so bad! But that’s where I put the effort—not my clothes, but my face!"


Jasmine on her definition of a stylish woman

"She’s strong and confident. She’s simple, effortless, but she’s got so much sass. Ang saya niyang tingnan. It comes from inside, and you want to emulate her."


Jasmine on being called a stylish woman herself

"It’s flattering, because I don’t think I am. Thank you! There’s a world out there for people like me, so come join me in comfort and in style!"


Photography by Mark Nicdao

Creative direction by Chookie Cruz

Sittings editors: Kate Paras-Santiago and Judy Arias

Set Styling by Flourish and Frills

Fashion Styling by Danae Dipon for StyLIZed Studio, assisted by Aia Tabuzo

Makeup by Robbie Piñera (Anne) and John Pagaduan (Jasmine)

Hairstyling by Raymond Santiago (Anne) and Kierlo Velasco (Jasmine)

Video producer: Joan Ko

Videography by Berwin Coroza, assisted by Marnie Giron

Shoot assistant: Cara Tirona

Shot on location at Luxent Hotel, Timog Ave., Quezon City

Special thanks to Betchay Vidanes, Warren Dimen, Francis Simeon, Michelle Nuñez, Greenwich, and The Butterhalf