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EXCLUSIVE: Metro Channel Host Tricia Centenera Opens Up About Her Pregnancy

UPDATED - Driven host Tricia Centenera posted a photo of her 5-month baby bump for the first time last July 1 and we couldn’t help but shed a tear of joy.



Dear heavenly Father, I pray right now for love for my baby growing inside of me. Jesus, fill my child with Your Agape love throughout her entire life. Please, give her a heart that overflows with love for You and for others. Keep my child from loving the things of this world, such as money, immorality or even other people, more than my child loves You. I pray that my child will be a kind, compassionate and a loving person to all she meets. And I pray that my child will show love to her enemies, as well as to her friends. Jesus, please help me & my dear partner to teach my child that love is patient and love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love never fails. Prince of Peace, thank You for loving my child with Your selfless, sacrificial, undeniable, unfailing, and unconditional love which You humbly and freely give to each of us. In Your loving name I pray, Amen

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Lucky for us, we were one of the few who got to learn the news even before it got out of social media. In an exclusive phone interview, Tricia shared how she first knew she was pregnant, how she felt about it, why she kept the whole thing private and the whole roller coaster journey of a soon-to-be first-time mom plus, a tad bit of information about her beau and their relationship.

She broke the news to her Metro Channel family during their shoot of her show’s Driven episode with Angie King. “I walked out of the room and I said ‘I’m pregnant’ and everybody was like ‘yay!’” she squealed. Although the baby wasn’t at all a total secret for family and friends, Tricia and her partner, who is a very private person, had a number of reasons why they’ve decided to stay low-key about the pregnancy—one of which is to avoid the possibility of miscarriage. “There are so many women who unfortunately had miscarriage. We just don’t want for that to happen to us. Being a TV host and being in the public eye, I just couldn’t imagine having to go through it. I don’t think I would have been able to handle that loss. My heart and prayers are with all the women who have gone through it. They are true warriors," she shared.

“Coming from where I’ve come from, and a bit traumatized by the whole wedding thing—just because you have a ring on your finger doesn’t mean you have a stable relationship, it doesn’t mean that you have everything worked out,” she explained. When she and her partner met in 2012, she just moved here in the Philippines from Australia. Fast forward to 2016 where they met again, fresh from her recent divorce and well, quite a mess after what happened, she couldn’t even remember that he asked her out. He bowed out gracefully and waited another year for Tricia to finally let him in her life. So, both took their time to grow individually first and when they finally knew they were ready to take a leap, that’s when they’ve decided to try love once again. Tricia, who is a devout Christian, shared how thankful she was for her partner, “In front of Jesus and my prayers every night I always say, ‘thank you for answering my prayers and sending this man to me.’”

Since she and her partner are of age already—she’s turning 37 this August—Tricia had sat down with their pastors who are a husband and wife tandem and sought their advice about their plans of conceiving, “I said, ‘you know, I met this man and started dating for quite a while and I want to let you know as my pastor, him and I, if we decide to have a child before wedlock, I want to know how you feel about it and where you stand on it as I am traumatized about marriage.’” To which her pastor replied, “‘You know what Tricia, if you and your partner plan on having a baby together, knowing you want to raise this child walking in the footsteps of the Lord and eventually marrying each other, well then wonderful. However, we don't consent having a child out of wedlock but it is ultimately your choice in the end. Although it's ideal that you marry first, we’ll stand by you.’”

It was a conscious decision between Tricia and Duane to have a baby. Just because they’ve agreed on doing it this way—outside of what is perceived to be the norms of the society—they both trust that that doesn’t mean it makes them any less of a person. Empowered by the challenges and the rough patches that she had to deal with in the past years, Tricia hopes to inspire those who are in the same situation as hers to rise above the negativity. Despite what others may think about her decision, Tricia is firm to say that this is hers and her partner’s choice and that doesn’t mean that those who follow her should do the same. “I’m just doing the best that I can do for myself and nobody’s perfect. The only thing that I’ve promised myself, to my followers, my partner, and my pastors is just to be as honest as I could possibly be and even though my actions go against the church and even what society says is the 'norm,' I am at peace with that. I still believe in marriage before children, too, but this is how it's turned out for me,” she said.


Tricia Centenera added a photo of her bump to her Story on her Instagram account


Hearing the giddiness in her voice, Tricia shared how wonderful the journey has been so far—including her weird cravings for French fries. Ria Prieto, her best friend, took the extra mile in arranging the gender reveal party from keeping the baby’s gender for two months even with her husband trying to bribe her to reveal the answer, to organizing and hosting the actual party. Her closest friends came to the party wearing either blue or pink. To the couple’s surprise, many of the guests came wearing blue while Tricia’s girl friends graced the party all pink and girly, as if they’re sure of the baby’s gender. She narrated how most of her girl friends have been complimenting how lush her hair is and how fresher her aura is now, thus making their argument stronger that Tricia’s carrying a girl in her womb—which turned out to be true. When asked if she’s scared to raise a baby girl, she replied, “My mom did such a wonderful job in raising us to be strong, independent, outspoken women. I’m excited to pass all of that knowledge and wisdom onto my child. And watch her grow into a beautiful woman but starting from the inside.”

Tricia is due to deliver the baby by November and will give birth in Australia where her sisters reside. As for how she’ll deliver her child, the couple is still doing some research between having a natural birth and trying the highly recommended water birth. They’ll fly back to Manila early next year where their little family will settle.

Here’s an exclusive gallery of photo that Tricia personally shared to Metro.Style:




A friendly note from Tricia: "I want to make it clear that my decisions are influenced in part because of my past experiences. I believe other girls will do well to learn from my mistakes and make better choices than me. My Church believes in the sanctity of marriage and that this is the best way to begin a family. However, the Church loves me and will be there to guide and support me in this new season in my life. While I am aware that I have made wrong choices in the past, I am fully committed to improving myself and helping others do the same. I am now focused on moving forward and being the best mother I could be to my daughter whom I consider to be my biggest blessing."


Photographs by Magic Liwanag, courtesy of Tricia Centenera